Ahhhh. the Super Bowl 45 madness. The Steelers-Packers, and their fans, is all here in the DFW. If i took a poll before the season began, on who would be playing in the big game, Pittsburg would be the majority choice. No one
would pick Green Bay. Well, the Packers flew underneath the radar screen most of this season. Injuries, has slowed the Pack down. But, they hung tough through it all. And fans were wondering when QB Aaron Rogers would have a bust
out moment. Packers fans have been expecting the bust out moment. They finally got what they wanted during the post season, which Aaron Rogers have gone nuts. The wild card Packers beat the Eagles, Falcons, and Bears all on the road. And for Aaron Rogers, the label of average quarterback is off his shoulders.

If he wins the Super Bowl, he will be a part of the elite QB group.
For the PIttsburgh Steelers, they started the season without QB Ben Roethlisberger, who was
on NFL supension for his bad behavior during the off season. And no Troy Palamalu during the middle of the season.
Yet through it all, the Steelers did not quit. They survived and played through the injuries. They got on a hot streak late, Winning the AFC North, which puts them into the tournament. Post season wins over Baltimore and the NY Jets gets them a trip to Dallas.
To say these teams playing in Super Bowl 45 are surviving teams is an understatment. They both survived injuries and suppensions on the road to the DFW to battle for pro football’s top prize, All the experts who wrote down on a napkin in a eatery who they think who was going to play in this year’s Super Bowl has got it wrong. But
this will be a great Super Bowl. Enjoy!