DFW Sports MIX by Don Arnick

During the all star break, the Dallas Mavericks made a trade that sent Josh Howard and two other players to Wasington. We get Caron Butler and Brenden Haywood. So how are new player taking to dallas? Well getting players in the middle of the season it like training camp on the fly. But Caron and Brendan is doing well. Caron had 20 points, his new high score after Seinfeld. And Brendan Haywood was blocking shots left and right in the 97-91 win over Miami. 4-1 since the deal, and the Mavs could position themselves to end up with the second best record in the NBA. Denver and Utah has been on a hot roll of late. Mavs along with Utah abd Denver will battle it out for the second place playoff spot. And with the Lakers strugglig a bit, the Mavs could be on top of heap too. From now into April, hoops action in Dallas is cooking big.

Okay, this maybe a bit early because the Mavs just got him. But i’ll say it anyway. Brendan Haywood is the best Dallas Mavericks center this club has ever had. Okay, get off the floor. What I said might have shocked you, or maybe it did not. But oince you get past James Donaldson, who was a workhorse of a center back in the Mavs 80’s parade of centers coming in and out of Dallas over the years. Brendan has that workhorse style of play, and maybe better. His 20 rebounds in the 91-82 win over Indiana showed that the Mavs might have got a gem in the trade which Caron Butler was the focal point. In the Mavs scheme of things, the center position is for rebounds, block shots, and the be physical in the defensive game plan. That suits Brendan Haywood fine. And while Erick Dampier is on the shelf with an hand injury, Brendan will get a long look. Here is a new Mavs player we should sign long term. They went after Martian Gortat from Orlando last year, only to have the Magiuc match the Mavs offer at the last minute. We might have got our center, and hope for the Mavs future.