Ahhh, summer camp. Fishing, campfires, hiking around. Well, any of that is going on at Dallas Cowboys training camp. The Boys got a pre season game in, and the notched a win. And a quality win at that, beating the Denver Broncos 24-23. And I’m beginning to believe in Steven McGee. The third string quarterback is coming into his own. He finished last season on a strong note, and that momentum has carried over into this season. I like McGee’s never give up on a play abilitites. Always extending the play and giving his receivers a chance to get open. He is really pushing to get the number 2 qb spot behind John Kitna. The question is how many QBs will the Pokes carry going into the new season.
Last season, it took all three QBs to get past last season. And all three are good quality. We will keep a close eye on that.
Another aspect of the Cowboys game that is carrying over from last year, is field goal kicking. Current kicking David Buehler is being pushed by rookie Dan Bailey. Who comes to the Boys from Oklahoma State which he won the Lou Groza award last year, started off hot early on in training camp hitting on 16 of 16. He has tapered off since. Buehler made a 42 yard shot in the game against the Broncos. But the kicking situation is not too promising right now if you a a Cowboys fan. But according to the Pokes special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, Buheler is showing signs of improvement. Let’s hope that improvement continues as the Cowboys stay on training camp path to a winning season.