2011 Dallas Cowboys…..FAIL!!!! This is what happens when you blow leads late 4 times this season. A defense that can’t hold leads, an inconsistent offense, and a team that was un prepared. That was the Cowboys season in a nutshell. And it showed in a game that had everything on the line. The Pokes needed a win over the NY Giants to seal the deal on the playoffs. It did not get done as the Pokes lost to the Giants 31-14. Giants dominated the action from beginning to end. There was a moment that the Boys had some momentum going in the third quarter. Two things happened, Cowboys went for it an did not get on 4th down. And a off balance throw from Eli Manning found Victor Cruz for a long gain and a backbreaker for the Boys. The end result, Cowboys go 8-8 for the season. Most people predicted this outcome.
So what does the Cowboys need in the draft, DEFENSE!!!!! And plenty of it, espceially iu the secondary where games were lost. Ron Ryan’s defense played well early on, but leaks began to break as the season went late. What the Boys need is more team speed. Teams are outrunning the Cowboys, and if you recall in the nineties when Jimmy Johnson was here, he put emphasis on team speed. That is what won 3 super bowl in that decade. And that is what the Boys need along with a shutdown cornerback. Hate to say it, it is time to clean house at Valley Ranch. It needs to be done now!!!
From season ending fail to season ending greatness. For those folks who said that someone other than Baylor Bears QB Robert Griffin III should have won the Heisman Trophy, should look at the Valero Alamo Bowl against Washington. All arguments should end there, as Baylor was involved in a game for the ages. Records for bowl game yards, points, fell by the wayside as Baylor beats Washington 67-56. And RG3 showed that he is a team player by letting running back Terrance Gannaway shine with 5 touchdowns and 200 rushing yards in the big win. Two things came out of this game when it was over. The Washington Huskies defensive coaching staff was let go after this defensless performace. And Robert Griffin III is taking his talents to the NFL, he announced he is going pro. Wow, what NFL team would love to have him under center. Cowboys, are you watching???