If you are picked as NCAA Women’s Basketball Champions in the pre season, the bullseye is on your back. Add to that dynamic that you have visions of rolling undefeated, and everyone wants to be the team that hangs the first loss on the favorites. Well, take that undefeated streak in the playoffs, and the pressure is on because one loss means the season is over. With guard Oddesey Sims and center Britney Griner, the Baylor Lady Bears began the trip to the land of undefeated. Unchartered territory is what the 2012 Baylor Bears were headed, no other team in ladies college basketball has gone 40-0 in one season. The first hurdle was beating U-Conn, which they did. They beat their Big 12 teams in a very competitive league. Then the playoffs, the six most difficult wins to get on the way toward perfection. One of those victories was over Tennesses, who always tough under Coach Pat Summit. The Bears overcame that, and the remaining wins on the way to the perfect season.
The way it stands, all parties are coming back for another year of college. Which means for the Baylor Lady Bears is the opportunity to roll undefeated going into next season. Britney Griner becomes a senior, and so will Oddsey Sims. Another reason while come down to Waco to see intense basketball action.
Other hoops notes to tell you about. Well, it had to come to an end. Lamar Odom and the Mavericks…Done. The Mavericks has put Lamar on the inactive list for the rest of the season. Which means he is on the bench, at home. His lackluster play all season, plus a rumored altercation between him and Dirk Nowtizki in Memphis, was enough for the Mavs to part company with Odom. They asked World Metta Peace, aka Ron Artest, what Lamar can do wtih the rest of the season, Peace said he can join the Lakers as a ball boy. We shall see.
Also, the TCU Horned Frogs has a new men’s basketball head coach. Former head coach at LSU, Trent Johnson takes over the helm left by Frank Christian. Coach Johnson has a reputation of taking teams to the NCAA playoffs. He did with Stanford, LSU. With the Horned Frogs entering the Big 12 next season, they need a coach with a winning reputation from the get go. And Trent Johnson is the coach that can do it.