The year Larry Brown started coaching, Nixon was President, you can get a new car for under $7,000, and the gas that we used would have cost well under one dollar. Gee, we came a long way, and so has the new head basketball coach at SMU. Coach Larry Brown lands on the Hiltop, just in time for the Mustangs entry into the Big East confernce. Larry has lots of coach credentials in his long history of coaching. He has also mastered the rent the house not buy the technique. In his coaching career, Larry has won everywhere he’s been. And put teams in the playoffs, with the exception of the NY Knicks. Anyone that can put the Clippers and the Charlotte Bobcats into the playoffs has my vote. He has won championships, coaching Kansas to a NationlChampionship in 1993. Then in the NBA, he coached Detroit to a title. He has won everywhere except with the knickx. This is a good find for SMU, who is preparing for their battles in the Big East in 2013. And Larry knows the east coast well, and will build a team based on the style of play the Big East offers. SMU Athletic Director Steve Orisini wanted to make a splash with his new head coaching find. Just like he did when he hired Jime Jones. We will keep our eye on SMU hoops now that Larry Brown has arrived.