Four game flameout!!!! That is how the Dallas Mavericks end their season and their post season defense of the NBA title by losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder 103-97. The Thunder takes the series 4-0. To say that the Mavs did not have a chance to win this series is not true. Actually, they had their chances to take games 1, 2, and 4, and we would not be talking about a season wrap up here. The Mavs got cold in games late, when it mattered the most. No clutch shots made for the Mavs, while the Thunder had someone red hot. If its not Kevin Durant its Russel Westbrook. And if its not Westbrook, its the weird beard James Harden. OKC had the three headed scoring monster that the Mavs could not find an answer. And, to OKC credit, I was hoping that they are still a young team that can’t close out a series of this magnitude. But they did, and now they are a playoff force to contend with.
For the Dallas Mavericks, their off season will have lots of questions that need to be answered. Who will stay? Will Jason Kidd leave? Jason Terry? Will Deron Williams joins the Mavs? No telling what will happen in the off season with the Mavs. But remember this everyone, «Championships are forever,»
If you are still starved for live basketball action, the Dallas Cowboys will rescue you. Their annual Ballin with the Boys hoops game, putting the old school Cowboys against the new school Cowboys. Everson Walls, Drew Pearson, Dez Bryant, are among some of the players on the court, May 31 at R. L. Turner High School. Buy your tickets at www.ballinwiththeboys.com. But get them now, tickets are going fast.
And on the subject of football, the Washington Redskins have not played a down of football this season, and they picked Robert Griffin III as their starting quarterback. Coach Mike Shannahan has put his trust in the Heisman Trophy winner from Baylor, over Rex Grossman. If you see what happened with the Skins over the years, safe to say that RG3 is better than what the Skins had under center.