What a home run tear the Rangers Josh Hamilton has been on. The 4 home run night in Baltimore reminded me of another Rangers offensive outburst had in 2009. The night the Rangers went off for 30 runs in a game. Shattering a major league record for most runs in a game by a team. Guess what, it was against Baltimore. If the Rangers played the Orieoles every day, gee just don’t think about it. Lot of fans are saying go ahead and pay Josh his money. And I think he deserves it. How long of a deal he will get, well it depends on how his upkeep on his body is concerned. Josh does get injured from time to time. And him being a drug abuse victim are the two issues the Rangers brass must deal with. But i think Josh will get his cash and stay with the Rangers. We will see how the Rangers handle the Josh Hamilton contract neogations as the season goes along. The Rangers are off to a hot start, and Josh is playing a role in that.
Any moves the Dallas Mavericks make will be made easy because they got Coach Rick Carsile got his extension. A 4 year deal. As the Mavs look ahead to the future, no telling what the Mavs are gonig to look like once they take to the court this fall. But, the coach that lead the Mavs to their Championship, could send them back there again. They got to get the right players to surround Dirk, and add some speed to it because the NBA is a speed league. They can look to the San Antonio Spurs as a model to get back to championship contention. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are up in years, so the Spurs added younger players. Guess what? They are in the Western Conference Championship. And it did not take the Spurs long to get there. If you want to get back to the championship conversation Mavericks, get younger instead of getting older.
Turning to football. The Big 12 and SEC conferences have announced their own bowl game to begin in 2014. The SEC has been the dominating conference, especially in football, is going to have another showcase bowl game. But the Big 12 Conference maybe the true winner in this situation. Interum Commissiner Chuck Neinas took over the Big 12 when most schools in that league wanted to get out due to how Texas dominates the action. The league is stablelized, adding TCU and West Virginia to the conference has pumped excitement into the Big 12. And more school are rumored to join the league in the next few years. Louisville is allready pitching the idea to recruits. Miami and Florida State could add 2 key southern schools to the conference. Clemson might join in too. The college game is changing in front our eyes with the expansion of conferences. And the Big 12 wants everyone to know that they are not dead, but very much in the college conference game.