Teams around the NFL are having their OTA (organized team activities) this week. The one thing you don’t want is an injury to begin this week. And the Dallas Cowboys has one to a position that needs big time help. Wide receiver. Danny Coale, third round pick from West Virginia, broke his foot the first day of OTA. Surgery is needed, and it is undetermined how long he will be out. You don’t want to start training camp with a bunch of injuries that will slow down your regular season start. And the Cowboys schedule is tough enough, adding hurt players will compound things. Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones kinda added pressure to his veteran players. He said that his veterans are at the peak of their carrers. Time to produce according to Jerry. And he is right about his Pokes being talented but not show it as far as victories and playoff apperances. I’m kinda sensing Jerry being a bit impatient on getting his team back to the post season. This upcoming season is really important.
Baseball is into June, and you get the feel for what is in store this month going forward. The Texas Rangers are holding serve so far, keeping Oakland, Seattle, and LA Angels in their rear view mirror. The only concern is Netaly Feliz, who has gone on the disabled list with an inflamed elbow. Scott Feldman slips into his spot on the roatation. Rangers have been lucky so far avoiding the injury bug. Hopefully for the Rangers, that would be the only injury they will have for a while.
Looking at the american league standings, see who is not in first place. NY Yankees, Boston, LA Angels, Minnesota. Teams who has spent a lot of money on players are struggling in the early go. Glad to see some new blood winning games now. And the Angels wanting to the the NY Yankees of the west, by getting Albert Puljos and CJ Wilson It’s not working right now.. The trend has gone the other way in baseball, by letting the teams develop the talent and keeping them. Over spending for free agents has gone by the wayside for now. The devoped talent is the reason why the Texas Rangers are in front in the American League, don’t say that the more you spend your pennant chances will increase. In today’s baseball, it does not.
Mark Cuban is always making news. Whether it is about the team that he owns, The Dallas Mavericks. And the news of him signing Coach Rick Carslie to a 4 year deal. Or his involvement on the show Shark Tank. Which he give his money to business start ups. A while back, he started HD Net to capitalize on the latest on the latest technology in video, High Definition. There’s a change in his televison channel which you will see come July. With a new name for starters. AXS will be the new name for HD Net, and it will have some Hollywood power behind it. Anschutz Entertainment Group, or AEG, the company that is behind LA Live and the Verizon Center in Grand Praire is one member behind it. The other is Ryan Seacrest. Yes, that Ryan Seacrest. He will be develop shows for that channel. Mark promises fresh, live progamming in HD, because lots of channels show tv shows that are converted to HD. Not the true High Definition from the beginning. We will watch, when AXS makes its debut come July.