DFW SPORTS MIX by Don Arnick

Time to talk about the arms race. No the ones that involve the international countries. I’m talking about the arms race in the American League West, where the arms battle could win a team the AL division, and maybe more. The Los Angeles Angels fired the first shot across the bough by getting Matt Grenkie from Milwaukee. The Rangers countered by getting Ryan Demster from the Chicago Cubs.
The Angels and Rangers put it on the line in a head to head series with AL west championship implications on the line. The Angels dominated games one and two. And on the way towards winning game three. I will give a new slogan for the Rangers. «No one cirlce the wagons better than the Texas Rangers.» And they did in game 3 with an emotional 11-10 come from behind win that gave them momentum in game 4. Despite Ryan Demster’s shaky start as a Rangers, the team bounced back with a 15-9 win to split the series. Sure the Angels have the best starting pitching in the American League. But the Rangers show their fans that they are not to be kicked around. They will battle to the end. The next series of games will be something to see.
The 2012 Olumpic Summer games from London will be forever known as Michael Phelps swim into the sunset. 22 metals overall, 18 gpld. The US gymanstics team, lead by the fav 5 struck gold often. It’s a big battle for overall team metal count between China and USA. It is also the first olympics of the social media era. Facebook, you tube, twitter has been blowing up with up to the second info about the olympic games. Some folks have posted the results right after the event ended, spoiling it for the folks who want to see it prime time. NBC is enjoy its best ratings for a olympic games in a while. So everyone is benefiting from these games because there are fans who want the results now as they happen. And there is the fans who want to wait till nightfall to see the games taped delayed. Oh well.