Tickets are on sale for Mike Modano date with Hall of Fame destiny at the US Hockey Hall of Fame event at Mariott City Center in Downtown Dallas on October 15. The website is ushockeyhalloffame.com. It will be the only hockey event we will have for a while because the game is on lockout. The NHL could not get a new deal together in time for the upcoming season. These strikes and lockouts on sports hurts fans because they can’t see their fave players. But the people that this lockout hurts the most is the people who work for the teams and the arenas where they play. Their families rely on the salaries from the work that they do no matter how big or small the role. From the promotions and marketing staff, to the people who sell the t shirts, beer, and nachos. The American Airlines center usually booked from September to April and maybe more with playoffs with sporting events. Take one teams home dates like the Dallas Stars, and you cut the work time in half for all the people involved. So having a lockout is killer on fans, but it is also a killer on the people whos lives depend on the paychecks from working the games. Those are the ones that you hope the lockout can be resolved.