DFW SPORTS MIX by Don Arnick

There was a shortage of kleenex tissues in town this past weekend. Tnat’s because two well known icons in DFW sports said goodbye. Let us go in order. The Dallas Stars in their last home game of the year, beat Anaheim 3-2. The story was Mike Modano scoring a goal. Long aplause that lasted 10 minutes, and a lot of tears sheded over the greatest American born hockey player ever. Mike has been the face of the Dallas Stars team since they came here from Minnesota. He has been on many olympic teams with the United States, not to mention he has been to the Stanley Cup Finals twice and winning one. Many accelades too numerous to memtion, but Hockey’s Hall of Fame awaits Mo. The Dallas Stars front man.
Two days later, another DFW sports icon went bye bye. Texas Stadium. 1971-2010. The memories are plenty from the stadium that was more to watch a game. It was a symbol for a football team the exudes winning. And a venue that identified a team. The place where we saw football games, concerts, events all came crashing down in a heap after the dynamite charge. I cried to because this was more than a just a stadium. Great memories were made in the place with the hole in the roof. And we all have them
Back to Mike Modano. Him and former Dallas Stars President Jim Lites are leading a group to buy the Dallas Stars from current owner Tom Hicks. Tom is in all kinds of financial woes, and he is unloading all his sports intrest. He’s planning to sell is part in Manchester United. It would be great for fans to have Mike still in the Stars orgination in any capacity.
LaDanian Tomilson is hosting a charity bowling evert at 300 Dallas on May 6. This event raises money for his Foundation, and there will be sports personalities there. Go to LTgivesback.com for details.