DFW Sports MIX by Don Arnick

I thought I was over the Mavs getting knocked out of the playoffs. I thought i moved on, and forgot about the 4-1 loss to San Antoino in the first round. Then I watched the Spurs take on Phoenix. And my anger kicked in. We should be the ones taking on Phoenix instead of the Spurs. Sometimes basketball can be a simple game, and here’s why I think that. The Mavericks won two games over the Spurs because they ran the fast break. Phoenix ran San Antoino to the ground with Steve Nash weaving his way through through the Spurs defense, and swept the Spurs. If the Mavs ran more, we could be playing and me talking about a Suns-Mavs series. Don’t get me started with why Coach Carslie did not play Roddy B or why the Mavs should have ran more. Like I said, i’m trying to get over it.

When will the sale of the Texas Rangers get done? The deal to put Greenburg-Ryan group in control of the team, has hit a snag. Major League Baseball is taking over the team until the deal is complete. The one thing about yoor team being controlled by the league, you won’t have the financial sources to get the player you want in a pennant chase. Hopefully, that snag will get corrected, and the new group gets in place before the pennant chase kicks in.

I caught up with running back LaDainian Tomlimson at his charity bowling event. I asked him what’s like playing for a team that will spend the money to get the players in position to win a Super Bowl. «It’s great to have team management to do whatever it takes to win,» says Ladainian. You can see the entire interview on my tv show DonnieSport TV. Go to www.youtube.com/donniesport17 to check it out.