The 2010 World Cup will have a European Champion. And the suprise team to shock the world has been the Netherlands. They shocked the world with a strong comeback to beat Brazil, who most people picked to win it all. For my money, that would be the second thing i will remember about this go round of the World Cup. The first would be all the missed calls the referrees has blown. Missed call after missed call. You can ask the US team about bad calls, they got worked out of a call against England.
Like any sport, where the stakes are high, the quality of calls from the officials should be parallel with the play. And some of the officials blew calls, and easy ones. This would be the time to use instant replay. But there are some soccer experts who think that would spoil the game. Sometimes it would be great to experimemt with the idea.
Nontheless, old school soccer still plays on. With a euro feel. And a champion from Europe will emerge at the end.
Okay, the NBA free agent sweepstakes is getting out of hand. Round the clock coverage on ESPN as cameras are glued to the building where his business concerns are located in Cleveland. Reps from the teams that are interested in BronBron are going in and out. Remember when free agents hopped on a plane and met with team management. It’s safe to say the inmates are running the asylum.
Here in Dallas, no free agent luanicy going on here. Dirk boared a plane froom Germany to Dallas. Had a meeting with the Mavs brass, Donnie Nelson, Mark Cuban, and the brass. They got the deal done, Dirk get a 4 year deal for 80 million dollars, less than the reported 94 million that we heard at first. But there is a reason Dirk is signing for less. The leftover money is to help lure a big name to Dallas. The hot rumor, Chris Paul is coming here, and a lot of players will be on the move if this deal is true. CP3 is a star player that the Mavs need, and a player that would mesh well with Dirk. Getting Chris Paul means saying good bye to Roddy B, Erick Dampier, and others that will leave to make way for Chris Paul.
Mission one is done, get Dirk to a contract. Now the time for Mark Cuban to make his move to get Dirk some help begins now. And how many players in the current NBA would take a pay cut to heip the team win. Which makes it more the reason why Dirk is special here in Dallas.