With the Cowboys season over, and we know who will play in the Super Bowl, time to focus on hoop action. There will be plenty of it as the basketball world converges on the DFW. This is the second time Dallas will host a NBA All Star game, and the town is dressing up for it. It should be a awesome event, and the NBA will bring their star power to carry All Star weekend along.

I checked the updates on the NBA all star voting, I was still amazed that Dirk Notwizki held 2nd place in the all star voting. So i was shocked to hear that San Antoino Spurs Tim Duncan over took Dirk in the last three weeks until the voting ends. Leaving Dirk on the outside looking in. What happened Mavs fans? Did we stop voting, or new how? Nontheless, we got a game to get ready for, and it will be a grest weekend. Lot of basketball ledgends, interactive games, and more. Plus, playing the game at the new Cowboys Stadium will be special. 1986 was the last time DFW hosted the NBA all star game. This one coming up will be bigger and better all the way around.