DFW Sports MIX By Don Arnet

I went to a pre 30th high school reunion mixer recently. I bumped into my former basketball coach in my sophmore year. He told me a line that I use to this day, “ I know it’s a bad way to go, but it’s the only good way we know how.” That perfectly fits in to the Dallas Cowboys and their situation on keeping Terrell Owens. When he is on, he is the game changer.

He can dominate the action with his hands and speed. On the other hand, his arguments with offensive coordinators and quarterbacks is a distraction.

He has done that in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and now in Dallas. Lot of debate among the Cowboys front office, and owner and general manager Jerry Jones is in that mix, on whether to keep TO or not. Here’s my take, TO can cause some problems to break up a team. But, you get rid of him, in the Cowboys receiver crew can you trust Miles Austin, can you trust Patrick Crayton, and eventhough he is a veteran can you trust Roy Williams in the clutch. The have proven to me they can’t. For his drama, Terrell Owens can give the Cowboys the best chance at winning. And that is the mantra the Pokes must practice during the off season. It has been an interesting off season for the Cowboys with the new gag order that Jerry Jones has put on everyone in the orginization. So can the Cowboys bounce back next season? TO and Tony Romo must be on the same page. Remember that quote from my former coach.

In 2011, the Super Bowl will be coming to North Texas. The 45th installment of the big game will have some 60 events that lead up to the big day in February 2011 according to the North Texas Super Bowl Committee.

There is still plenty of planning going into this event. And I will let you know what is going on with the Super Bowl XLV plans. In the meantime, there is a website that you can follow along with the DFW Super Bowl: www.northtexassuperbowl.com. And if you want to volunteer to help out with the big game, you can sign up at the website.

Go there now.