DFW Sports Mix by Don Arnet

Before Tom Hicks signed Dallas Stars player Sean Avery, I wonder did thay have lunch and talked about how to handle controversial players. When Sean made those comments about Elisa Cuttbert, it set off ripple effect over the NHL. Sean Avery talked to the press last week, now he supended by the NHL for six games. As far as the Dallas Stars, they are going on without him, and his attitude. Even Coach Dave Tippet, does not want him back, saying that Sean was a bad influence in the locker room. Something that the Stars don’t need, with the bad start trying and trying to get out of the celar of the NHL Pacific Division. I think what the Stars did in that situation was good. Most teams would stand behind their players, the Stars showed some tough love. Maybe in a strange way, that might get Sean Avery to wake up and concentrate on hockey.