DFW Sports Mix by Don Arnick 01 29 15

Wow, the NFL keeps finding ways to shoot itself in the foot. First it was Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, then the playoffs that had plays that kept the Dallas Cowboys out of the championship round of the playoffs. With the big Super Bowl finalle coming up, and all eyes should be on the big game, another controversey has popped up. And it involves a team that has got in trouble before. And they are playing in the big game. The New England Patriots are
involved with deflate gate. Were the balls used in the game with the Indianapolis Colts properly inflated??? Pats QB Tom Brady slightly aditted that he preferes a game ball that he can grip better. The truth is that the NFL has a standard that all teams must meet when it airs up their footballs. Must be of a
certain pounds, 11 to 12, nothing more or less. Listening to both Brady and Pats head coach Bill Bellichik, well Coach Bellichik does not know about the inflated balls being used in the game, Brady knows something something. I say both are at fault, and its putting a damper on a game that could be shaping up to be a good one. Two things going forward into the off season. One, the Patriots are guilty of whatever deflation of balls and some sort of punishment should be laid down. Draft picks, supensions, whatever it needs to be done should be done. Two, the ball inflation rule shoud be updated so every team in the NFL should be accountable of proper ball inflation for the game. The same should be said about that rule that wiped out the Dez Bryant catch in the Cowboys-Packers game. That rule does not reflect todays football players that has the ability to make the unbelievable catch. Anyway, today’s NFL has some growing up to do in order to protect the shield that is the buzz slogan. Some rules should be tweaked to reflect today’s football action. Teams do get away with a lot in football. The Patriots got caught again.