DFW Sports MIX by Don Arnick

Like you, watching the college basketball playoffs is a March ritual.
We glue ourselves on a couch or recliner, and watch basketball all day.
What a way to spend your spring afternoon. But I had the urge to see a game
live. I went to the SMU-Jacksonville game, in the College Insider.com
tournament, an exciting game as SMU won 64-63. But in that game, towards the
end, a rare thing happened. Toward the end of the game, a refreee call a foul
with no time on the clock. Papa Dia took a lob pass, went into the basket and
got fouled! Yes, a referee had the guts to call a foul with no time on the
clock. And Dia as hacked on the way up.

Now, fast forward to Sunday, Texas and Arizona battling for advancment.
With time running out, and the Horns needed a basket to force overtime, Jordan
Hamilton drove the lane, got hacked by two Arizona players, and got no call.
The main referee ran off the court as soon as the clock turned 0:00. It amazing
how officials interpet calls, and how they occasionally blow it. The call in
the SMU game was obious, so was the one with the Longhorns, but the horns did
not get the break.

The last thing the NCAA wants is a bad call that could cost someone the
game, undeserving at that. The NCAA basketball tournament is a big sports
event. It should get the best officials too.

We get some March Madness in Dallas. The NCAA women’s basketball
regionals are this weekend, March 27 and 29 at the American Airlines Center.
Baylor is in this, on a collision course with UCONN. And we will see sensation
for Baylor Brittney Griner in action. I’m hoping for a slam dunk to send the
crown in a frenzy. Get your tickets.