I’ve been having a hard time deciding on which way to talk about the Mavs playoff run since they reached the Western Conference Finals against
Oklahoma City. Let’s say that the series has defyed all logic about basketball, especially Mavericks basketball. I got a few for you. Dirk
scored 41 in game one, no defense, Mavs won. Dirk had a bad game 2, Mavs lost. No offense from Dirk Jason, plenty defense in the Mavs winning game 3. Which lead us to game 4 of this series. The Thunder came out firing at the get go while the Mavs struggled. Despite their bad play, they only down by 5 at the half, and hoping that the Mavs light switch goes on and get on a
run. It did not, as Kevin Durant relentless offense gave the Mavericks problems. With over 5 minutes left in the game, Durant knocked down a 3 pointer that look like the kill shot on the Mavericks. Most Mavs fans turned off their televisions at that point. Dirk Nowtizki gave the Mavs fans who stayed with the game something to look forward to.
Shooting fade away shots off one leg, working Nick Collison to create a little space to see the basket, driving the lane to get foul shots. Dirk
singled handedly brought the Mavs back from 15 down to 2 in 15 minutes.
And when Dirk nailed two foul shots to tie the game, the Mavs engineered one of the biggest comebacks in NBA playoff history with so little time on the clock. Durant had the final shot in regular time, an open 3 point look, only to have the Matrix, Shawn Marion to block the shot. Biggest defensive play of the game. Late in the overtime, Jason Kidd fired up the 3 pointer to secure the Mavs win 112-105.
An comeback for the ages. Most people around here think this win, and Lakers sweep, are the moments that makes a team destined to win it all.
And the Mavs are looking like a team that want to win it all. As for Oklahoma City, this is a game to learn from. And Kevin Durant did a Aaron
Rogers belt pose with 5 minutes left in overtime. And he was the one people looked at to bail the Thunder out. Him and the Thunder experienced EPIC FAIL!!!!