I’m either driving around, sitting at home, or just doing stuff. And I hear any radio or watch any television talking about the Mavs-Heat NBA Finals.
The second go round since 2006. Most of the experts pick the Heat. Ahhh, not so fast. Here are my three things that will have the Mavericks hoisting up the NBA championship trophy. Point guard, sure Jason Kidd is a bit long a tooth,
but he is a point guard. He will direct the traffic and put players in places where they need to be. Plus, JJ Barea is become the NBA’s pest as he continues to get under the skin of the opposing team. The Miami Heat has a point guard
by committee. Mario Chalmers, Mike Bibby, and Eddie House does not scare you much, however, Mario has a killer three pointer, but he directing the traffic on the court won’t be a factor. To be honest, Bosh, Bron Bron, and Dewayne Wade will be the ones moving the people around. For three forwards, that is not the
way to go having big men moving the ball around in a Championship round.
Second, the center poisition. The Heat’s starting center Joel Anthony is 6’9″. That’s like a small forward, and the Mavs can expose this weakness right, they can live in the paint with Tyson Chandler. Dirk can drive the ball
inside and get fouls, and foul shots. Don’t rely on long jumpers, which should be the rule for every Mavericks player. Sure the Miami trio can play defense too, but no big man in the middle can make defense weak.
Third, coaching. Both Rick Carsile and Heat Coach Eric Spoelstra are in their first finals battle. But Rich has earned his stripes in this years playoffs. Bringing the Mavs back to beat Portland after the game 4 collaspe.
The 4 game sweep of the Lakers, and the 15 points in 5 minutes win against Oklahoma City in game 4. Those battles will help the Mavs big time in this series. Coach Spoelstra is good, but with three big names calling the shots, that makes it look easy. Rick is doing his best coaching ever in the Post Season this year. And he have to do more of it. Mavs win in six.
All this year, the Mavs has been waiting for this moment, against a team they want to get back at. The window can stay open for so long, This is the year they can bash their way in.