And now the news everyone has been waiting to hear. THE NFL LOCKOUT IS OVER!!!!!!! Now you can by the tickets, plan your football trips, discuss fantasy football, and all the other things that make the NFL fun. What won’t be fun is general managers dealing with the biggest free agent derby this league has ever seen. There will
be a lot of player movement in a very short time. One player who is on the clock is Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Doug Free. A very versitle player on the Pokes o line, he is one player the Cowboys should not let go. And we need
lots of protection for Tony Romo, who go injured for lack of protection.
Another play that could be on the move is Marion Barber. Last year was not a good year for Marion, Struggled most of the season. and his numbers were down.
There maybe some interest in Barber, who has some good years left. The Pokes could benefit from a streamlined rushing atttack would help the Pokes going forward.
The new deal is a 10 year deal. Which means no more work stoppages for a decade. Now it is time to deal with the other sport that is in lock out mode.
The NBA has labor problems. And no news on that front.