DFW Sports Mix by Don Arnick

By Don Arnick
Let the baseball games begin. And they will begin with a new rivalry brewing in the major leagues. You know about the Yankees and the Red Sox, and the direct connection to both teams is a legend named Babe Ruth. Got traded from Boston to New York, which put a curse on the Red Sox team for almost forever, until they won the World Series a few years back. I don’t know if C.J Wilson will have the same effect on the Texas Rangers, but he is the connection between the Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels. In a free agent battle, CJ move out west to the Angels for a longer contract and money. Along the way, they picked up Albert Puljos from the Cardinals. Safe to say that the Angels are the Yankees of the West Coast. Everyone was wondering after the Angels players aquisitions, what will the Rangers do? The won the chance to talk to japaneese pitching phenom Hu Darvish. I don’t know if paying $51 million just to talk to Hu is winning, but they got the first shot. And the Rangers made it pay, as Hu is in a Rangers uniform. His spring training performances has been impressive. He has been turning heads everytime he takes the mound. Now he will be the 3 starter in the Rangers rotation, which should benefit Hu, because he won’t have any pressure of being the ace of the staff. That fall on the shoulders of Colby Lewis, who has show that he can be the lead horse in the Rangers starting rotation.
The lines of the new rivalry in the majors have been drawn. The Angels has missed the post season the last two years, and they needed a splash to show that they mean something in the majors, especially in Southern California. The Rangers have established that they are here for the long haul with two World Series appearances in tow, and wanting to get back to the big show to seal the deal. The head to head games between these two teams will be huge, because of what they did during the off season. Not because they are the new winning kids on the block. But they will take some of the attention from the burly east coast where the Red Sox and Yankees rule. They maybe the darlings of the major leagues, but the new blood is giving them a run for their money.
Remember when Tom Hicks financially drove the Rangers and the Stars into the ground? Yes, both teams had to be ran by the respective leagues. The same situation happened to one of baseball’s established and historic franchises. The Los Angeles Dodgers had been dragging due to the messy divorce of Frank McCord. Happy days are ahead for the Dodgers, who celebrate the 50th anneversary of Dodger Stadium. With a Southern California sports icon leading the way. Basketball great Magic Johnson is a part of a group who paid 2.1 billion dollars to buy the team. And with Magic’s business savy, he will make that francise great again. Just like the Rangers, the Dodgers had some bad times in recent years, but better times are ahead with Magic Johnson’s lead as group owner.