Unbalanced budgets, poor public schools, high taxes, lying politicians, poverty, illegitimacy, war, illegal immigration… Are these America’s most pressing problems?
No. Racism is. Let’s see if you are a racist.
1. Do you think a racial group is superior to any other because of skin color?
2. Do you think one language is superior to any other?
3. Do you think different racial groups should attend separate schools, separate churches, separate theaters and use separate parks, water fountains, etc.?
4. Do you think most people on welfare are Black and/or Hispanic?
5. Do you think most drug/opioid junkies or self-killing junkies are Black or Hispanic?
6. Do you think most people in poverty are Black or Hispanic?
7. Do you think most females who have abortions are Black or, Hispanic?
8. Do you think that unqualified Blacks and Hispanics get preferential treatment in jobs, promotions and university admissions?
9. Do you think that uneducated white and black men suffer economically at the hands of less-educated Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal?
10. Do you think like Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan the United States is being “invaded” by Mexicans and Central Americans, legally and illegally?
11. Do you think like Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan that illegal aliens come here just to collect welfare and other public benefits?
12. Do you disagree with the United States Supreme Court that American citizen children of illegal aliens should be denied public schooling?
13. Do you know like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan that illegals pay no taxes?
15. Do you think like Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, and Donald Trump that illegals cause rampant crime in America?
16. Do you think Blacks and/or Asians are pushy or rude?
17. Do you think Hispanics are rude when they speak Spanish in front of others who do not and should they be fired if they speak Spanish at work, even during lunch breaks?
18. Do you think there are too many immigrants coming to America?
19. Do you think or know Jews are a race?
20. Do you think or know Jews control money and banking in the world?
21. Do you think or know Germans did not murder millions of Jews during the Thirties and Forties?
22. Do you think Rodney King was beaten because he ran from the cops, or because he tossed a couple of them to the ground?
23. If you have ever read it do you insist that the 14th Amendment of the Constitution was written and approved to apply only to Blacks who had been in slavery?
24. If you are a Californian, did you vote for the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 without reading it?
25. Without ever reading it, did you support Proposition 187 based on its support by Rush Limbaugh?
If you answered yes to every question, you are without doubt or reservation a true-blue ignorant racist. You are an ordinary racist if you answered yes to half the questions and that includes Black and/or Hispanics who answered yes to half the questions.
If, out of factual ignorance you couldn’t answer half the questions you are in serious trouble and are probably a racist, a very dangerous racist, for you look like everyone’s next door neighbor, fellow commuter, worker, fellow church attendee–fellow voter, or Rush Limbaugh listener, or White, non-college educated voter in the Midwest..
If you are a racist as defined by your answers to the above 25 questions, you certainly didn’t vote for Barack Obama or John McCain and probably didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.
However you stand, let me make your day. Since 1972, when a Republican carried 35% or more of the national Hispanic vote he has won the presidential election. Donald Trump received a documented 20 percent of the Hispanic vote as reported by Latino Decisions that counted actual votes in Texas, Wisconsin and Florida, not some bungling amateur ‘EXIT POLL.”
He won with non-educated White working class voters who can’t pass this test either.
We can assume (because of public pronouncements, Tweets, policies, and appointments like Stephan Miller – the most racist presidential appointment in modern history) that Donald Trump cannot take and pass the 25 questions asked here; thus, he may be reelected but he will not be reelected with (10%) Black, (50%) Asian American or (35%) Hispanic Americans votes.
The question is: can Donald Trump win again with non-college uneducated white people and fewer and fewer college educated White women who joined Hispanics, Asians and Blacks in dumping Trump-aligned congressmen in November?