DREAM Iowa Confronts Jeb Bush Over His Support for Ending DACA/DAPA

DES MOINES, IOWA — Jeb Bush continues to walk a fine line when it comes to his views on immigration policy. But, he continues to make clear his opposition to the DACA and DAPA policies that protect immigrants from deportation. Those policies were instituted by President Obama after Republicans in the U.S. House blocked immigration reform legislation. Speaking at the Iowa Agricultural Summit, Bush stated that “immigrants that are [in the U.S.] need to have a path to legalized status.” A comment that has, yet again, caused a stir within his own party and traditional media. However, when Monica Reyes, Director of DREAM Iowa and a beneficiary of DACA, asked Bush directly about his stance on DACA and DAPA, he replied that he plans to terminate both programs.

Here’s the English translation of the conversation.

Monica Reyes: Will you prioritize the termination of the DACA and DAPA programs?
Gov. Jeb Bush: DACA is… Which one is DACA?
Monica Reyes: You said that you would undo President Obama’s overreach. Are you referring to DACA and DAPA?
Gov. Jeb Bush: Exactly, and pass them as a law instead of how it has been done.
Monica Reyes: So you do have plans to end DACA and DAPA.
Gov. Jeb Bush: DACA is, which one… the one that deals with Dreamers. We ought to give Dreamers priority towards citizenship, but through a law not through a decree – something a Latin American dictator would do.
Monica Reyes: But you would terminate the programs. So a person like me who qualified for DACA would be left out and without any opportunities.
Gov. Jeb Bush: No. What I am saying is that – I wrote a book – this is totally illegal [DACA & DAPA]
Monica Reyes: Yes, but, you recently said that you would dismantle both programs [DACA & DAPA]
Gov. Jeb Bush: Exactly, and pass a bill that would allow for a permanent solution. What DACA does it that it only allows for 2 year (status). That makes no sense.

These comments comes just weeks after Jeb Bush posted on his Facebook Page that he opposes President Obama’s popular DACA and DAPA programs.

And earlier this month, Jeb Bush told Sean Hannity that ending President Obama’s immigration actions will be his number one priority and that he supports bills in Congress to end these programs.

Below is a statement from Monica Reyes:

“With DACA I have managed to provide a better living for myself, my mother, and my siblings. I know first-hand the strain and pressures that undocumented families have to live with. Taking away DACA and DAPA forces families to live like this instead of providing the relief that is very much needed. Politicians like Jeb Bush need to realize that they will not secure any Latino votes if they keep trying to hurt the Latino community. A growing number of U.S. citizens are affected by DACA and DAPA. Almost every, if not all, Latino citizen is either related to or has a friend who is undocumented. Taking away DACA and DAPA would mean seeing these family members or friends ripped out of the communities that they themselves helped build and are a positive part of.”