“Faux Politicians Betray the U.S.A.”


Kevin McCarthy’s status as House Minority leader of Republicans in the House of Representatives is supposed to be important, strategic and an inspiration to the entire national Republican Party – the Grand Old Party, GOP.
The party has produced historic politicos among which are giants; Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, William T. Sherman, President William McKinley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, peccadillo-plagued Richard Nixon, Earl Warren and Ronald Reagan, etc. Kevin McCarthy is not one of those giants.
The Bakersfield, California, representative, armed with a Master’s Degree, lined up with 125 other Republican congress people to support the stupidest case ever presented to the United States Supreme Court. Ever.
The case must have been written with crayons by sixth graders in some rural Texas schoolhouse. It complained that four states had not conducted the Presidential election on November 3rd by Texas standards; that, in fact, votes were cast under rules that weren’t legislated by state legislatures as mandated by the Constitution.
The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, allegedly is a lawyer. The facts are that he is a lawyer that is under investigation/indictment accused of violating numerous laws — federal laws.
His motive, then, is not to provide President Trump with an avenue to reverse the election’s results of November 3rd. He knows that isn’t possible because Joe Biden Junior won the election by squashing Trump in a historic landslide.

Paxton is angling for
Trump pardon.

He knew his lawsuit had no chance in the Supreme Court, everyone with an ounce of brains knew that. So did the 126 Congressional Republicans who signed a letter supporting the lawsuit.
As to the 17 state Attorney Generals — all Republicans — who supported the lawsuit, they should be disbarred and or recalled by their voters.
Conversely, the Supreme Court has matched the history-making performance of the court over Richard Nixon’s illegal antics in the White House. SCOTUS unanimously ruled that Nixon couldn’t hide evidence from the Congress in a pre-impeachment investigation.
Today’s court matched the glory of that court that trimmed Nixon’s sails and effectively ended Nixon’s Presidency. Today’s court, including three Trump-appointees, has ended Trump’s judicial efforts to stay in office.
Donald J. Trump, the inglorious narcissist refuses to admit that he was slaughtered by over 80 million voters. He lies about everything and repeats even bigger lies by the absolutely incapable of truth-telling One American News Network (OANN). In so doing, in claiming the election was rigged and that massive fraud was committed to deny him victory we can add one more charge:
President Donald J.Trump is guilty of treason against the United States.
Treason is defined in the Constitution’s Article III, Section 3; to wit: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them , or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” (Emphasis added)

By refusing to admit defeat, by having hand-picked attorneys pursue baseless imaginary “crimes” and by defaming thousands of state and local employees and in courts including the United States Supreme Court and, by publicly charging these Americans with the “crime” of stealing his reelection, Trump is giving “aid and comfort” to our enemies: Russia, Iran, North Korea and The People’s Republic of China.
Add to the aid and comfort to our foreign enemies, Trump is fueling treasonous talk of “secession” among his followers.
Former Florida Congressman, Allen West, now Texas State Repulican Chairman, told America that after the Supreme Court slapped Trump’s efforts down twice in one week (a Pennsylvania case and the Texas decision three days later), West said:
“Perhaps law-abiding states (Texas and the 17 other state Attorney Generals that supported the Texas SCOTUS case) should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution.”
For the simple minded, that means secession from the United States. Secession, Mr. West – was settled throughout the South with over 600,000 American bodies. “Secession” was declared unconstitutional in Texas v. White by the Supreme Court in 1869.


McCarthy, Allen West, half of House Republicans, a legion of overpaid Republican ambulance chasing lawyers who support Trump’s efforts to pull off a political coup, must be shamed, run out of office and discarded as Republicans and Americans.
They must go, they are a disgrace to the giants of our party that made modern America; they are a disgrace to all Americans of the United States as are the people who support them.