<!--:es-->Gabriel Iglesias Presents STAND- UP Revolution”
Featuring the hilarious Shaun Lathem<!--:-->

Gabriel Iglesias Presents STAND- UP Revolution” Featuring the hilarious Shaun Lathem

By; Krystle Yvonne Smart

GABRIEL IGLESIAS Presents stand-up Revolution” which has just been released on DVD this
past November -15-2011 in an uncensored two disc set featuring over 40 minutes of new
material created by himself, the incredibly popular and hilarious Latino Stand-up comedian
and actor, teams up with even funnier comedian friends, such as Shaun Latham. The live
series was filmed in Phoenix accompanied with music from three time Grammy award
winning house band Ozomatli.

Gabriel Iglesias is one of the most recognized and best comedians of our generation, says
Shaun Latham who is on the rise to be one of the most talented and witty comedians of our
day, with deep passion in his voice in a recent exclusive interview for El Lider USA; Latham
adds that Iglesias is not only widely known from his new show on comedy central and his
wide-selling last DVD which sold over 1 million copies of I’m not fat I’m fluffy.

I interviewed Shaun Latham over the phone, he was in New York Making appearances and
performing comedy at Caroline’s Comedy Club; It happened to be his birthday, the talented
Shaun Lathem said we was very thrilled and excited to be featured on STAND- UP Revolution
which is expected to be the most hilarious uncensored comedy of the year.
Shaun just finished a two year tour with Gabriel Iglesias for the “Fluffy Shop Tour” presented
by comedy central. Shaun is a very handsome and talented, something rare in the comedy
world; he is witty and goofy with the ability to think fast making him unpredictably funny.

He started his career as a waiter in Tempe Arizona at the Improve Theatre and spent his
evenings watching the amateur comics on stage; From a very early age Shaun had a strong
desire to pursue his passion of comedy, as a child he was always the class clown and getting
attention from everyone for being so funny, he said being funny made it easier for me
growing up because we moved a lot. In 2002 Shaun took the stage and has been riding at full
speed to become recognized as a great comedian; in 2004 after a few years on the comedy
circuit in Arizona, he moved to Los Angeles to get serious and pursue his dream of becoming a
famous and well rounded comedian.

Shaun made appearances on MTV3 and SI TV in 2007, two years later he co starred in the
feature film I’m not like that anymore. SHAUN said he always loved watching comedy central
and he auditioned for comedy central in 2009 and aced the audition, and was soon featured
on comedy central, and working at full speed with Gabriel Iglesias on tour in the new Stand-
up Revolution.
The two Disc set features hours of top notch, premium downright funny material, and a
whole lot of laughs.

He concluded that after all it’s all about developing your own craft and the execution of your
own comedy”

Look for the new material on comedy central and www.comedycentral.com and