Girl in foster care dies from injuries

Dallas, TX– The brutal death of Katherine Frances, a 6-year old from DeSoto was caused by her 14 year-old foster brother, despite numerous warnings by medical personnel sighting physical signs of harsh abuse endured while in the custody of her foster parents.

The victims mother, Marbella Frances, has retained the Law Office of Domingo Garcia to represent her and her family. The office has launched a full investigation in to the cause of death, and practices of the private foster agencies Therapeutic Family Life & Mesa Family Services. Mr. Garcia’s office is also calling on Child Family Protective Services “CPS” to not only investigate but also act to ensure that repeated violations of abuse are no longer tolerated.

Before her hospitalization at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, and death last Tuesday, Katherine suffered severe injuries and head trauma, the girl had been body slammed on the floor numerous times by her foster brother. “Almost every part of her body had a bruise on it,” said Captain Ron Smith, DeSoto Police Department.

The boy, who is the biological son of the foster parents that looked after Katherine and her three siblings, is being held in a juvenile detention center on suspicion of murder. The Family is making a $15 million dollar demand to all entities involved with the repeated gross negligence of Katherine and her siblings.