“Good Mexicans, Mr. Trump”


President Donald J. Trump daily proves that he is clueless about shared history of 330- million Americans in the U.S.A. and 126-million people of the Mexican Republic.
He says over one million people-a-day legally cross the border in each direction every day, seven-days-a-week; he knows that a billion (with a B)-and-a-half-dollars worth of goods and services cross the border in each direction every day.
He does not publicly admit but he knows that between 6 and 14 million Americans work in trade with Mexico. He knows that every single American state trades with Mexico. He knows that Texas alone annually has over $100 billion in trade with Mexico.
Unfortunately, he does not know that thousands of Mexicans fought for the American cause of independence and died for it in what is now Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Virginia. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Spaniards won every battle with the Brits and their Indian allies without a dime of American rebel treasure or American fighters. Exception: seven Americans who joined General Bernardo de Galvez’ expeditionary force of 7800 soldiers and sailors in defeating the mighty British fort at Pensacola on May 8, 1781. They took 1130 British prisoners.
After Pensacola, Galvez took 40 ships filled with fighters and millions of dollars-worth of gold and silver bullion for troop payroll to General George Washington for the final battle at Yorktown that won America’s independence.
Galvez is one of only eight people in the world who has been declared an Honorary American Citizen.
No Trump (nee Drumpf) participated in that war; it would be over a hundred years before any Trump emigrated here from Germany.
Decades later when the U.S. was fighting for its existence, 4,000 Mexicans fought and miraculously defeated 4,000 French and French-led 2,000 Mexican Monarchist troops. Many considered the French Army to be Europe’s best.
Mexicans defeated that French Army at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the 5th of May, 1862. Mexicans fought with machetes; with rifles used in the Battle of Waterloo that Napoleon lost almost 50 years before.
French, British and Spanish troops landed in Mexico in January, 1862, to collect Mexican debts for European banks. The British and Spaniards negotiated and quickly left. The French stayed.
After the first defeat of the French Army since Waterloo, more troops were deployed to Mexico. 30,000 new arrived troops returned to Puebla in 1863 to besiege Mexican forces for over two months before the Mexicans capitulated.
So why should Americans, including the President of the United States, honor the Mexicans who defeated the French on the 5th of May, 1862?
Simple, between the 5th of May 1862 and the 4th of July 1863, Abraham Lincoln’s army reversed their series of losses against Robert E. Lee’s outnumbered and under-equipped Confederate rebel troops. They split the Confederacy in two by capturing the entire Mississippi River valley when General –Unconditional Surrender — U.S. Grant’s Union soldiers captured Vicksburg, Mississippi, the last Confederate territory on the east shore of the Mississippi River that enabled Confederates to ship a trickle of war materiel, cannon, gun powder and rifles supplied by the French that succeeded in evading Union Navy blockade ships off Texas. If the French had won the battle of the 5th of May 1862, they would have conquered all of Mexico permitting them to provide real supplies for a year before the Battle of Gettysburg.
Given hundreds of more cannon the French could have shipped through French-occupied Mexico, on the 4th of July 1863, General Robert E. Lee would have won the Battle of Gettysburg and the United States of America would have ceased to exist.
Concurrently, Mexican citizens and men who had been Mexican citizens a dozen years before, flocked to the Union Army in the New Mexico territory. They were organized into regiments to fight invading Confederate soldiers, defeating them and sending them back to Texas barefoot. U.S. Army records show that 20,000 Mexican citizens and new American citizens (Mexicans before the 1848 end of the Mexican War) joined the Union Army to fight Confederates.
When the Confederates surrendered in 1865, Generals U.S. Grant and Phillip Sheridan, Commander of Union forces in Texas, ordered captured Confederate cannon, rifles and other military supplies to be gathered on the Rio Grande River and left unguarded at night. Mexican soldiers crossed the river every at night and “stole” the former Confederate weapons with which to fight the French.
Additionally, General Sheridan ordered that each U.S. soldier who wanted to leave the army be discharged on the border and for six dollars be given his rifle and “kit” plus a $10 discharge fee if he volunteered for the Mexican Army which, in turn, paid a $10 enlistment bonus and the $10-a-month American soldiers earned.
The Mexican Army commissioned the “American Legion of Honor” regiment and staffed it with volunteer American Civil War battle-tested officers. They helped defeat residual forces the French left behind when they abandoned Mexico.
No Trump (Drumpf) family man participated in this American Civil War epoch because they were in Germany for another four decades.
This large Mexican presence and contribution to the first hundred years of the United States of America apparently is unknown to President Donald J. Trump. His two years at Fordham University and four semesters of “C” grades in “Principles of Real Estate” at Pennsylvania didn’t include this history.
Trump erroneously states that “Mexico does not send its best to the United States;” the ones who come are “criminals, rapists and drug smuggler.” That, he claims, is why he insists on a “beautiful wall” to keep out Mexican “criminals, rapists and drug smugglers” as well as criminal infested caravans of women and children from Central America.
As with his blatantly jaundiced view of Mexicans, he knows little about the American-benefiting Mexican defeat of the French at the battle of the 5th of May; Cinco de Mayo. He “celebrates” Cinco de Mayo by eating a taco salad.