Grand Prairie Community thanks Dr. Barbosa for his austanding work as Superintendent

“Grand Prairie community leaders plan to attend the next School Board meeting to thank Dr. Barbosa for his oustanding work as Superintendent”

“The community will finally get an opportunity to speak regarding GPISD Trustees decision to hold a special meeting over the weekend”

Grand Prairie – Grand Prairie Community will be attending the next school board meeting to show their appreciation to Dr. David Barbosa, for the work he has done as Superintendent. Dr Barbosa was recently pushed out of the school district, which he has overseen for about 8 years.

The next Grand Prairie Independent School District Trustees Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 12 at 6:00 PM. This will take place in the Grand Prairie Education Center at 2602 Beltline, Grand Prairie 75052.

LULAC #4576 and Grand Prairie Minority Leadership Coalition will be addressing the school board about the importance of citizens’ input and particpation in the process for the next Superintendent. They hope to finally be given an opportunity to speak regarding the trustees special meeting held on September 30th. At this meeting, the school board opted out not to allow any citizens or parent comments in the important decision of getting rid of Dr. Barbosa.

LULAC #4576 remember times before Dr. Barbosa arrived, when the minority community use to have to strugle at board meetings just so they could be heard about concerns with the districts. “We want to be involved in the process,” stated co-founder of the GPMLC John J. Lopez, “because the new superintendent will have a direct impact on the future of our children and our educational system in Grand Prairie.” “Grand Prairie ISD is a minority district and I hope they will strive to include citizens and parents input in the selection of our next superintendent.”