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Happy Halloween …The Best Halloween Candy: 12 Treats We Never Get Tired Of

Costumes, candy, creatures and creepy decorations. For many, these are the things that come to mind when thinking of Oct. 31st, Halloween. The days that lead up to Halloween are filled with scary movies, spooky storytelling, the race to find the best costume and hunting the houses with the best supply of sugar. On Halloween night, kids dress up as their favorite characters, teenagers shoot for scary or sexy and adults often go the comedic route and for the weeks that follow one thing is guaranteed, there will be candy galore.
However, according to www.halloweenhistory.org, Halloween was originally a Celtic celebration, marking the end of a harvest season. The Celtics referred to Halloween as «Samhain» and during the Samhain celebration the Celtic people, or Gaelic culture, would gather supplies to prepare for the winter. It is reported Gaelic ancestors believed that the «living» and «dead» worlds would join together and the dead would be revived in order to cause mayhem on the town. The Gaelic ancestors feared the reincarnated would bring disease to the people of their town and death to the crops.
Another interesting detail of Halloween’s history is the practice of Trick-or-treating. When trick-or-treating first evolved it was not simply a phrase to say and receive candy in return. Instead, it was a warning to the house owner and if the house owner were to lack any «treat» those trick-or-treating could play a trick on the home owner or his property.
When Ariana Hansen, New Mexico State University student, was asked if she ever played a trick on an unprepared homeowner she said, «Luckily, all the houses I ever went to were stocked with the best candy. I don’t know what kind of trick I would have played, but I doubt my parents would have let me.»
Costumes have also evolved over the years. When the Gaelic people would dress up for Halloween, or Samhain, they dressed in animal skins. they did this in order to spoke or confuse the spirits they feared would come on Halloween. Nowadays the closest thing you’ll see to animal skin is children dressed up as their favorite animal. NMSU student Ciera Fuentes said, «This Halloween I’m not too sure what I’ll dress up as. I’m torn between something funny or something really cute.» Halloween is thought of as a night where you can dress as wild, spooky, sexy or just down right weird as you want to and no one can judge you.
Although there will be no animal skin or sprints coming to cause havoc, you can be sure that Halloween will be in full swing here at NMSU.

The Best Halloween Candy: 12 Treats We Never Get Tired Of

You guys could not believe it when we told you our least favorite Halloween candies. You were so incensed, we knew we had to make it up to you.
We’re not all grumpy candy-haters, we promise. Our sweet tooth frequently gets the better of us, and it’s never worse than on Halloween. We love this holiday because it’s an opportunity to forget about your dentist, throw caution to the wind and indulge every candy urge you have. With this in mind, we’ve compiled our Editors’ (and some of their friends) favorite indulgences. Here we go: the best Halloween candy.
As always, if we skipped your favorite, tell us what it is in the comments! Feel free to leave a note on why your favorite is superior to everyone else’s favorite.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
It was nearly unanimous that Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are the best Halloween candy of all time. While some of us have other favorites, even we can’t deny how delicious these are, and they are always the first things to disappear from our candy pumpkins. One of our Editors admitted, «It’s all about the peanut butter.»

One HuffPost Taste Editor got extremely specific about her love for Starburst: «The red ones are the best.»

3 Musketeers
NOUGAT. Seriously, do we need to say more? That stuff is the best.

We have always loved sweet, sour, sugary Nerds. As one of our Editors aptly put it: «Sugar-coated sugar.»

Kit Kat
Crispy wafers, milk chocolate, these things are a no-brainer.

Bottle Caps
Some of us don’t get that excited by chocolate. Some of just want root beer Bottle Caps.

We pretty unanimously love the gooey caramel and crispy cookies in a Twix bar

Pop Rocks
The sizzle of Pop Rocks is something that does not get old, now matter how old we may get

Nestle Crunch
No one really wants to eat a whole Crunch bar, but we don’t know anyone who would pass up the fun-sized version. The crispy, crunchy texture is a nice departure from the gooeyness of our other chocolate favorites.

As one Editor said: «It’s the one time of year you want to entirely coat your mouth in sugar, and the fun-size packets make that much more palatable.»

The peanuts make it feel healthier. Protein!

Whether it’s the chocolate, the crispy, flaky peanut butter, or the nostalgia of the Bart Simpson ad campaign, we all seem to love Butterfinger.