Help keep your pipes clear this holiday season City of Dallas urges residents to properly dispose of fats, cooking oils and grease.

Dallas, Texas – As Dallas residents start thinking about meals for the upcoming holidays, the City of Dallas is encouraging residents not to pour fats, cooking oils and grease or FOG down the drain. The “Cease the Grease” campaign is part of Dallas Water Utilities’ grease abatement program which helps improve the quality of life in Dallas and complies with federal and state mandates.

Improper disposal of grease, oils and fats can result in pipe blockages in homes, apartments and city sanitary sewer lines. Those blockages can result in costly repairs and road closures that can inconvenience motorists.

“There is an alternative to putting grease and food scraps down the drain or garbage disposal,” said Helen Cantril Dulac of Dallas Water Utilities. “Scrape plates, pots, pans and eating utensils over the trash and wipe off any greasy residue with a paper towel.

Put fats and larger amounts of grease into empty food containers such as coffee and French fried onion cans. Seal those containers then place them in the garbage,” Dulac added.

The City of Dallas now recycles used cooking oil for residents.

“We urge residents to consider recycling cooking oil left over from frying a turkey or other holiday treats,” said Dulac. “Let the oil cool then store it in the original bottle or a rigid plastic container with a screw top lid.”

Recycling locations include the four City of Dallas Sanitation Services Transfer Stations or the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center.

Information about the Dallas Water Utilities’ “Cease the Grease” campaign and recycling locations can be found at