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Herman Cain Sexual Harassment? Donald Trump? Rick Perry Gay?

The allegations that GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was involved in some sexual harassment investigation when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in “the 90s” reminds this blogger of the charge that Texas Governor Rick Perry is Gay.
And why is it that Donald Trump, who did run for president before withdrawing, never had this issue raised? Nothing against Mr. Trump (well that whole Bither issue did change my view of him), but I’m just asking.
It’s a fair question considering The Donald’s penchant for beautiful women and his ownership of the Miss Universe Pageant. Why has that issue never come up?
And again, why hasn’t the main stream media asked if Rick Perry was Gay?
What did happen between Perry and his Texas Secretary of State back in 2005?
What’s interesting about the claims is one thing: the mainstream media picked up on the Herman Cain charge, but not the other one regarding Rick Perry. It’s a good question to ask that’s not been asked: why has CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC not picked up on the long-time charges that Rick Perry is Gay? But they’re all over the Herman Cain rumors.
Is it because Cain’s black? Moreover, were the charges against Cain brought by white women and at a time when they may have been hyper-sensitive to anything a black high-level manager would do because he’s black? That has not been explained.
It’s important to know because if you look deep into such claims of that time (the 90s), you may find a woman who also had a history of dating men at work. Really, for me, so what? Many people meet their significant others at work. (Look at Ed Henry, formerly of CNN and now of Fox News, who met his wife Shirley Lee, a CNN Producer, while he was at CNN.) But when fingers are pointed, as they’re being pushed at Herman Cain, the question should be asked.
But for the present day, Herman Cain’s sexual harassment issue isn’t upon us because he’s black, but because it happened, and someone out there dug it up because Cain’s getting really popular.
Now that’s not to say it didn’t happen at the time in “the 90s” because Cain was a black man in a powerful position, and possibly being as free and loose with his personality as his white male counterparts were with their own.
And in the 90s, some people, perhaps too many still, couldn’t stand that.
As I’ve blogged about before (but it’s been a while) American society has tried to place different rules of social engagement on black men. Thus, Cain’s small gesture of making some kind of hand-height comparison would have been used against him then.
But for the accuser to want to come forward now, something like almost 15 years later, and in the Internet Age, means that she may be paid to do so. Otherwise, why would a person even want to put their mug (face) in the public spotlight?
And with Twitter and other forms of social media, she would almost certainly risk immediate judgement and possible online ridicule that could wreck not just her story, but her total image.
Because this is the 21st Century and people, especially younger people, are more prone to question the accuser in any situation, but especially a political one like this is. This isn’t the 20th Century; ideas travel faster and sexual mores are much looser. If the story’s not clear. If she’s not a sympathetic character. All of this could blow up real fast.
Remember, if this person elects to show up on television, the result could wind up as one of the highest tweet-per-second events this year. Bet on it.
But my question remains: Is Rick Perry Gay?