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Hillary Clinton confirmed as US secretary of state

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton won confirmation Wednesday as US secretary of state from her fellow senators, who voted 94-2 for the former first lady to become President Barack Obama’s top diplomat.

The only two dissenters were Republicans Jim DeMint of South Carolina and David Vitter of Louisiana.

The first “aye” vote came from Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, who made an impassioned speech on Clinton’s behalf and declared that Obama had promised him “to be serious” about battling climate change.

“We are staring at an abyss of irreversibility,” Kerry warned, adding that he had discussed the problem with Obama and “he intends to be serious about it.”

Kerry also listed unfinished wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the stalled Middle East peace process, conflicts in Africa, and efforts to revamp the tarnished US image overseas among top foreign policy priorities.