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Hispanic Campaign in 15 Top US Markets

By: Krystle Yvonne Smart

I was invited to the Renaissance hotel in Dallas to hear Fred Diaz _ president and CEO of the Ram
Brand launch a new Hispanic advertising campaign for Ram Trucks.

The Dodge Ram is the 2010-2011 Truck of Texas, crowned as such by the Texas Auto writers
Association, an organization of professional auto writers covering the Automotive Industry; The
Ram Brand – Formerly Dodge Ram and Chrysler are very proud of the prestigious title and of all
their winning trucks in each category.

This 360 fully integrated campaign will officially roll out on Oct-3-2011, since this past march
Ram started advertising in Hispanic Newspapers, Outdoor Media, and Mainstream Broadcast, the
new commercials are presented in bilingual format, they will be featured on several English TV
channels, Spanish TV channels, radio, internet, outdoor, magazines, radio and they will continue
with Hispanic print as well, the ads are presented in both languages ( English- Spanish) and it will
be an all around 360 campaign.

Large pickups trucks are the top selling segments among Latinos and the Ram 1500 and the Ram
2500 are among the best performing nameplates with the Hispanic consumers.
The most comprehensive campaign to date will run in the top 15 Hispanic markets of the US. “A
Todo, Con Todo, to everything, with everything, this is the statement that Dodge Ram believes, it
captures the consumer mindset and the true essence of Ram.

The new advertising campaign is real and true, the bilingual commercials spots are portrayed by
real Ram Truck owners, they are Hispanic businessmen from Texas, and they provide real life

The ads show their true excitement, and emotion. The two Hispanic men believe that the Ram
Brand delivers durability and performance; they also capture the true essence of owning a Dodge
Ram Truck.
The Ram Brand is connecting with the Hispanic community through this new advertising
campaign, President Fred Diaz was so passionate about being a Texas born Hispanic man, a
moving and emotional presentation top the Press a day just before the Texas State Fair. The
campaign focuses on the important values of hard work, dedication and commitment to family and
the community.

The two men live in Texas; Arturo Barcelo a Texas born Hispanic who lives in Dallas and
manages his own construction business employs 30 employees, and owns a Dodge Ram 1500.
Ascension Bañuelos also lives in Texas-Jacksboro and owns two Ram Trucks, he owns a ranch
And a horse training company, he declares “I own two Ram Trucks they are dependable and get
the job done, he says a good pair of boots, and a good Ram truck, and we go.”

“Because Arturo and Ascension are actual Ram owners, they deliver genuine and authentic dialog
emphasizing important Hispanic values such as dedication and respect. Artistically filming them
in their real work environments emotionally connects with consumers while providing compelling
benefits and features unique to Ram.”

-Olivier Francois
Chief Marketing Officer and Brand Marketing Communications
Chrysler Group LLC