Hispanic Republicans Dump Trump


Rumors around President Donald Trump are that President Trump actually told people he wanted to leave Walter Reed Hospital when released from his three day stay there for COVID-19 treatment implementing a terrific plan.
Trump’s plan was to arrive at the White House, leave the helicopter known as Marine Corps One, walk up the stairs to the White House second level, come to attention at a balcony, salute the video camera taping it all, take off his suit coat, rip off his white dress shirt and show the world his Superman t-shirt.


Apparently, someone talked him out of the plan. All he did is leave the helicopter, climb the stairs, come to attention at a balcony overlooking the helicopter, take his face mask off, stand there for several seconds so a cameraman could get a good shot of the President standing tall with American flags on both sides; then he turned, maskless and walked into the White House where a gaggle of his friends, family and political appointees welcomed him.


But, something went wrong; Trump walked back out to the balcony so the video camera man could get a better shot. Undoubtedly, the scene will be flaunted in dozens of last minute TV ads in the next two weeks before the election, Superman sans T-shirt.
Much to Trump’s chagrin (sha-grin, Mr. Trump, not yow-seh-might), his COVID-19 infection did more than drag his health down, it pulled his support down, even from Republicans, Hispanic Republicans.
We know that because of a survey by the Democrat-supported Hispanic survey firm based at UCLA, University of California Los Angeles — Latino Decisions — founded and run by Hispanic Phd’s.
NALEO, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, commissioned Latino Decisions to conduct a nine-week-long weekly rolling survey of 400 Hispanics on their views of the Presidential campaign and the two-party candidates, Joe Biden (D) and Donald Trump, lifelong Democrat now running as a Republican.
The methodology is simple, every week four hundred different Hispanics are surveyed in the tracking poll and the results are rolled into the previous average.
Clearly, Hispanic choice of Trump dropped from 25% to 20% — a 20% drop — after news broke of the President’s COVID-19, while Biden’s choice jumped six points — a 9.2% increase.
Every day, we hear how well Trump is doing among Hispanics from non-Hispanic Trump supporters who are usually non-college educated white people who live in a fantasy Trump World. That is false.

Trump doesn’t even have decent Hispanic Republican support. The 31% support above of Hispanic Republican support before Trump’s COVID-19 infection sounds about right. George W. Bush once received 50% of the Hispanic vote when he ran for governor of Texas and between 40 and 44% when he ran for President. John McCain (2008) received 31% Hispanic votes and Mitt Romney scored 27% in the 2012 exit polls. Trump rated 28% in the exit polls in 2016 but actual vote counts showed he actually received only 20% of the Hispanic vote.

This graph is very interesting.

Trump’s favorability among Hispanic Republicans was 31% before his infection/hospitalization and that dropped significantly from 31% to 18%, a drop of 41%. Trump’s unfavorability among Hispanic Republicans jumped from 58% to 72%, a jump of 24%; no opinion went from 11% to 9%, an increase of 18%.

A simple analysis concludes that Donald J. Trump suffered serious consequences, political as well as health consequences, just weeks before Election Day by falling ill with COVID-19.

Maybe wearing a Superman T-shirt flagrantly displayed on television after ripping off his suit coat and white dress shirt on that White House balcony could have worked. Couldn’t have hurt more that his falling sick did…Maybe.