“Hispanics were suckered by Barack Obama”


Richard Nixon was the first President to recognize “Hispanics” for what they were, not for trolling-for-alligators like Lyndon Johnson thought even as that was a million times more recognition than John F. Kennedy gave Hispanics. President Nixon took an obscure Committee for Spanish Speaking People and moved it into the White House.
Jimmy Carter appointed a Hispanic Secretary of the Navy – EDUARDO HIDALGO – from New Mexico and then ignored Hispanics. Leave it to Republicans to do far more than Democrats for Hispanics. Ronald Reagan appointed two Hispanics to his cabinet. George H.W. Bush did also; Ditto George W. Bush (43).

Bill Clinton also appointed two Hispanics to his first cabinet but one was incompetent and the other was charged and pled guilty to federal crimes that ended his political career. Clinton appointed Congressman Bill Richardson- half Mexican – to be Secretary of Energy, then as Ambassador to the U.N. Richardson’s hire of the now infamous Monica Lewinsky, Clinton’s “main squeeze” is his legacy.
George W. Bush did everyone better. He appointed two Hispanic cabinet members after he appointed Alberto Gonzalez White House Counsel making him the highest ranking political Hispanic in American history. Cuban American Mel Martinez was his first Hispanic cabinet member. Bush doubled down and appointed Gonzalez Attorney General, once again making General Gonzalez the highest ranking Hispanic ever, again. He also put General Gonzalez in the immediate line to succeed the President.
First, the Vice-President, then the Speaker of the House; in order — the President Pro Tem of the Senate, then the Secretary of State, Treasury, Secretary of Defense, then Attorney General of the United States (REAL Americans shudder at the idea of Trump’s Attorney General – Jeff Sessions — ever becoming President).
Alberto Gonzalez, son of migrant farm workers from Mexico, was seventh in line to be President of the United States. He was followed onto the Cabinet by Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez’ whose business career started when he sold corn flakes out of the trunk of his car in Mexico and ended it as Chief Executive Officer of the Kellogg Company.
Politics by Congressional Democrats repaid Republicans for the controversial victory by President Bush in 2000 with an orchestrated campaign to besmirch Gonzalez’s perfectly legal dismissal of nine U.S. Attorneys. He resigned and disappeared.
As to the administration of Barack Hussein Obama… He graced Hispanics with two cabinet appointments. Superficially, two Hispanics on the Cabinet looks good. Both jobs, however, are minor posts. Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar was appointed out of the Senate and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis was appointed out of the House of Representatives. Salazar would retire into nothingness and Solis would return to Los Angeles to win a County Supervisor seat which is far more important than Secretary of Labor.
Obama hid his aversion to Hispanics well, behind if you will, Solis and Salazar. Check how many top and intimate influential Hispanic advisors President Obama had around him to conclude whether or not Obama cared much about Hispanics. He didn’t, here’s the proof.
According to the Obama White House in his last year of his first term, there were 454 people on the White House staff. 21 Hispanic, of which 6 earned between $100,001 and $130,000. 21 Hispanics out of 454 staff people. That is 4.6% of staff. Those numbers are an insult to the Hispanic community that gave 67% of its vote to Obama in 2008 and that outnumbers the combined Black and Asian populations.
Sure, Obama announced that he would not deport children who were brought here illegally, but he had no significant Hispanic appointments. Salazar and Solis were so far down the Presidential line of succession they couldn’t see the White House. None of the President’s Counsels or top advisors – NONE were, Hispanic. Moreover, Obama bragged how many Hispanics he deported in his years and his minions pioneered the caging of “unescorted children”” arrested crossing the border as well as splitting children away from their family members.
President Trump did not invent detention camps for minor children; Obama did.
So why do so many Hispanics say they favored Obama’s reelection? He lied about immigration reform and did not lift a finger to introduce any immigration reforms; he didn’t lift a finger to help pass the Dream Act that 80% of Hispanics supported that was and still is favored by a majority of Americans. It lost only because five Democrat senators voted against it. And, Obama takes credit for deporting over a million Mexicans, some guilty of traffic tickets.
Thus, in view of Obama’s proven disdain of Hispanics – proven by his lack of Hispanic appointments to important cabinet and staff positions and the absence of any effort towards immigration reform – one wonders what these alleged 70% of Hispanic voters were smoking. [RC1] [RC2]
What is really strange is the acceptance of these suspect polls by the mainstream media. Even Fox News pays attention to them.
Mitt Romney could have slaughtered Obama’s 2012 reelection if he had (1) bragged to Hispanics that he was the son of a natural born Mexican citizen and that (2) OBAMA HAD IGNORED Hispanics and insulted them as a group by separating children from their Hispanic families’ and detaining them in detention camps.

Romney chose instead to proclaim he promoted “self-deportation” for his father’s fellow Mexicans who, like his father had crossed the border without papers decades before. He lost, of course, and set a record low Hispanic vote until Hispanic votes for Donald Trump were counted in 2016; actual votes counted showed Trump’s Hispanic vote was almost 40% less than Romney’s 2012 Hispanic vote.