“Hugs Not Bullets”


Now President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, proclaimed that he won the Mexican Presidency in 2006 and that he was the legitimate President of Mexico. Surprise, AMLO beat Donald Trump by 14 years in falsely claiming his election was stolen.
President Felipe Calderon was inaugurated President of Mexico on December 1, 2006, not Lopez Obrador.
El Chapo Guzman, the most notorious drug empire leader in history would not be in an American prison, Colorado’s SuperMax, because President Lopez Obrador does not prosecute drug criminals. He lets them go when they are captured. Especially if their name is Guzman and is the son of El Chapo, prison inmate. AMLO ordered the release of El Chapo junior because he feared people would die.
Back to 2006, AMLO demanded supporters hit the streets to stop government from operating. Trump had January 6. AMLO supporters shut down cities. Trump supporters shut Congress down.
On the drug front President Felipe Calderon declared war on Mexico’s “narcos” and the war spread from the countryside where narcos ruled with force and corruption, to city streets. Bodies littered the Republic. Thousands of police officers died fighting for and against narcos.
One recalls a daytime gunfight in Tijuana on its main street – Agua Caliente Blvd – with federal officers shooting it out with State judicial police officersa. I don’t remember which side sided with what criminals but one side was fighting to arrest narcos and the other was fighting to protect narcos.
That was the situation President Felipe Calderon was trying to eliminate when he ordered the Army to intervene and to hunt down, arrest or kill narcos.
It was in December 2006 when Calderon became President that I distinctly recall the day he ordered the Army onto the streets to make war on narcos. I was in Tijuana on Downtown Tijuana’s world-famous tourist street, Avenida Revolucion, when a huge Army convoy of trucks loaded with soldiers drove through downtown Tijuana in full combat gear. They were covering critical street intersections and highway checkpoints.
Mexicans lined the street cheering and applauding the troop’s arrival.
No more noontime gun fights between “police officers” fighting to protect narcos.
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ran for President over and over and over until, finally, enough low-information voters voted for a name they knew.
Lopez Obrador in 2018 ran against Calderon’s war on narcos; his solution to high crime and record murder rates — ”HUGS NOT BULLETS.” Mexico was tired of hundreds dying every month, tired of corrupt police who owed their loyalty to narco dollars, not to the Republic. AMLO swept the vote in 2018 with 60% support.
Lopez Obrador ran on “hugs not bullets,” to “help the poor” and to eliminate historically ruinous systemic corruption. When he won, the “hope of Mexico” was expected to deliver on his promises.
Corruption? Three video tapes have surfaced showing the President’s brother — PIO — accepting millions of pesos in cash in 2015 and since, three years before Lopez Obrador was elected — for “party functions and activities.” Cash in paper sacks and bulging envelopes.
They were given to Pio Lopez Obrador by a veteran political “consultant” who, coincidently, President Lopez Obrador named the national “Czar” in charge of distributing medical supplies to “every village in Mexico.”
His appointment of a corrupt 85-year-old PRI dinosaur, former PRI behind-the-scene party boss, Manuel Bartlett, as chief of the national electrical generation agency and AMLO’s campaign to shut down private electrical generation proves the point. Private generation costs the country one fifth of what it costs the government to produce electricity. It produces half of Mexico’s electricity That alone signifies AMLO’s return to old-fashioned Mexican corruption.
The American Drug Enforcement Agency — the DEA — reportedly believes that Bartlett, who was the top cabinet member of the Mexican Government at the time – Secretario de Gobernacion — and a top contender for President of Mexico — was personally involved in the murder of American DEA agent Enrique Camarena in 1985.
Is AMLO’s Mexico reverting to bags of illegal cash? Has AMLO appointed top officials’ intent on destroying free enterprise in Mexico? Has AMLO appointed criminals to high office?
AMLO has three more years in office. Will Mexicans tolerate a Cuba/Venezuela or Nicaragua type country in Mexico that before AMLO’s Presidency, was expected to be the world’s 5th largest economy in ten or fifteen years…Will they?

Will Mexico survive AMLO?