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Iran Nuclear Chief Says Plutonium Reactor Could Be Altered

Iran says it could modify a planned nuclear reactor in order to allay Western concerns about Tehran’s controversial nuclear program.
Ali Akbar Saleh, head of Iran’s atomic energy agency, said in an interview with the state-run Press TV on February 5 that the design of the Arak heavy-water reactor could be changed to produce «less plutonium.»
Western powers have said that Arak-produced plutonium can be used to make nuclear weapons.
Iran has said the Arak reactor will only be used to produce isotopes for medical purposes.
Saleh added that Western concerns about Arak are «fabricated fire» used to put political pressure on Tehran ahead of upcoming negotiations with six world powers on a long-term deal for Iran’s nuclear program.
Iran agreed in November not to install any new reactor components or produce fuel at Arak.