“Is the Trump Administration run by the Three Stooges?”

Like a person who falls into deep water who does not swim, the Trump Administration is flailing as it tries enforcing “laws” on immigration.
“Phantom Laws” enforced by Three Stooges-like badge wearing, gun toting amateurish Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are now being supplemented by unarmed uniformed National Guardsmen that are, according to Trump-endorsing Border Patrol agents, “a colossal waste.”
A “colossal waste” is what Border Patrol union spokespeople call the effort that the LA Times says will cost millions or, well over a billion dollars when all accounting is done.
The Times: “The border wide National Guard deployment is expected to cost the federal government $220 million to $252 million through the end of the year…That includes $204 million to $221 million in pay and support costs for 3,143 troops and $16 million to $31 million for 12,000 flying hours by 26 UH-72 Lakota helicopters…When Presidents Obama and George W. Bush deployed the National Guard to the border, it ultimately cost an estimated $1.35 billion…”
Then, there are the costs incurred by an incompetent Border Patrol on its own without help from a useless National Guard. The U.S. Treasury has paid out over $60 million in recent years to settle claims and law suits against the Border Patrol and that appears to be in process again as a Border Patrol agent has killed another border-crossing woman in Texas and the Border Patrol is already changing its story about what happened. First, it claimed a fifteen-year veteran shot and killed a person that was part of a group of suspected illegal aliens attacking the agent with “blunt instruments.” Then it claimed that a shot was fired at the rushing group that didn’t have any “blunt instruments.” One version is that one of the three or four illegal border crossers were brandying a “two by four” piece of wood threatening the agent. No “two by four” piece of wood has been found in the “crime scene.”
The Border Patrol appears to be lying. The young Guatemalan woman was a slight 20-year-old woman. It would not be the first time the Border Patrol has lied about one of its agents killing an unarmed person.
Last year the Border Patrol union declared one of its agent members was assaulted and killed by illegal border crossers and his partner was severely injured and could not remember how he was injured or his partner killed. President Trump passed on the charge to the world by supporting the claim. Was it true? Probably not.
Incompetence and prevaricating are not the exclusive specialties of the Border Patrol and ICE; the Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security appear to also lack ability and competence. Otherwise…
How did they manage to lose 1475 Central American children?
Oops, federal law requires the U.S. government place children under 18 detained at the border or inland that are here illegally and unescorted by family under protection of the U.S. government. Of almost 7,000 such protected children, 1475 of them have disappeared; the government does not know where they are. What’s worse, are those that defend the government with the flimsiest of excuses.
Former Republican U.S. Senator Rick Santorum never misses an opportunity to support anything the Trump administrations does, including losing one in five unescorted children it has inserted into what looks like a “gulag” of sorts. Santorum says, “I think the idea that they’re ‘lost’ is hyperbole to try and create an issue where I don’t really think there is one…Other than the fact that the bureaucracy—surprise, surprise—doesn’t work very well.”
Better yet, that fabulous bureaucracy Santorum talks about goes a step farther: Newsweek says– (Department of Health and Human Services) DHHS officials said it was not their responsibility to find the lost children who were placed with the Office of Refugee Resettlement.”
In other words, “It’s not my yob.”
Federal law carefully defines how and when unescorted children are handled when they cross the border. It, however, does not guarantee an efficient or responsible system of handling children.
Here enters a third federal agency, the Department of Justice through its boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions told the world that, “United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a zero-tolerance immigration policy Monday in San Diego and vowed that all caught crossing into the country illegally would be prosecuted, even if it leads to the separation of parents and their children…Sessions said he wanted to send a message to the world that the U.S. would not be overwhelmed ‘by illegals stampeding our country.”
Sessions and President Trump rely on the Border Patrol, the agency that first contacts illegal border crossers and its inland cousin agency, ICE, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services that says it is not responsible for losing the missing kids, that someone else is.
The Trump Administration is defined by the “Blame Game” and/or governing like “Keystone Kops.”