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Jaramillo Brothers Baseball Club

The Jaramillo Brothers’ Baseball Club was formed in 2007 to build character in young men and along the way, teach them the professional game of baseball. You can go to their web site and read the mission statement which will tell you what they’re about in words. Their Bio’s are there with a list of their accomplishments in baseball. The accomplishments of the teams they coach are also there. All this, anyone can discover by reading.

What isn’t discoverable through reading is what they are about in life and in spirit.

You have two young men that grew up in a sometimes difficult situation.

If you understand how God works for His children, you can see His hand in their lives. They could have gone in many directions including downward into the perils that await many young men without direction. But through the love of their uncle Rudy and their love of the game of baseball, they focused on a goal and set out to achieve it. Through hard work and determination they made themselves into outstanding baseball players and learned the lessons that the greatest game on earth can teach you. Humility, sacrifice, and perseverance. They also learned how to carry themselves in a professional manner. Now that their playing days are behind them, they want to give it all back to the next generation of young men who dare to dream the dream of being a Professional Baseball Player and have the courage to try. I’ve been around the game for 40 years. My Grandfather played minor league ball and my oldest son is playing in the minors now. These guys are the most amazing teachers of the game, and the game within the game, that I’ve ever seen. They instruct their players on how to be a professional baseball player, but there is a lot more to that than just being able to win baseball games. They also teach as much about the proper mental outlook on life as they do about baseball. These guys don’t measure their success by how many games they win or how many championships. They measure their success by the success of each individual player in life first, and then baseball. In my opinion this is what sets them apart from all the others.

Unfortunately, high level baseball is an expensive pastime. If we could get other people, who were interested in helping build character in young men, to donate money to the club we could reach out to those kids who deserve to have a chance but couldn’t otherwise afford it.