<!--:es-->John B. Hawley recibe el apoyo de la Comunidad Hispana<!--:-->

John B. Hawley recibe el apoyo de la Comunidad Hispana

For the first time in history, three major Spanish language newspapers in Dallas have endorsed a Libertarian candidate.

Novedades News, El Heraldo News and El Lider USA each said that they would give their editorial endorsement to John B. Hawley, the Libertarian candidate for United States Representative for the 32nd Congressional District of Texas.

The 32nd Congressional District is completely within Dallas County, and includes North Oak Cliff, Cockrell Hill, North Dallas, Addison, Richardson, the Park Cities, most of Irving and part of Grand Prairie.

“There are almost 200,000 immigrants in the 32nd Congressional District, both legal and illegal, and they need a voice,” said Hawley. “The Republican and Democrat candidates both favor building a Wall in the face of our neighbors, I do not. The immigration problem can only be solved with fairness and personally responsibility, both by the immigrants and by those who would hire them. My Plan for INSURED Immigration would do just that and at no cost to the American taxpayer.”

Indeed it is opposition to The Wall on the border that has united these newspapers behind this third party candidate.

“Yes, we will support you,” said Sergio Puerto, Publisher of Novedades News in Oak Cliff. “Your Plan is very interesting and you have our endorsement,” said Marina Ruiz also of Novedades News.

Gretha Gudmundsson, Publisher of El Lider USA, also in Oak Cliff, was most enthusiastic saying that the Plan brings “refreshing ideas!and lofty plans for a reform that addresses the issue — with dignity and consideration for the people involved. Your plan is also practical and proves to be free of burden to!the American people. You have our endorsement and support.”

At El Heraldo News, Anne de Rothchilde said, “Hispanics will be excited to have him back with common sense and brilliance the Immigration Issues facing every American.” Ellie Byrd, Vice President of El Heraldo News, said “ El Heraldo is pleased to join with Novedades News and El Lider USA in making this historic endorsement.”

The three newspapers each examined the INSURED Immigration position of candidate John B. Hawley closely and each gave the same reason for supporting a Libertarian for the first time —– the Libertarian is the ONLY candidate in the race who opposes a Wall to block immigration.

Hawley was especially harsh of the Republican Plan which would make Guest Workers dependent on one employer who could cause the worker to be deported by simply firing him. “It creates a new class of serf for Corporate America and still leaves the local taxpayer with the bill for social costs such a hospitals, housing, schools, food stamps and other hand outs. INSURED immigration would allow the Guest Worker to change employers without being deported and would make sure that all immigrants (including Guest Workers) would pay their own bills fully,” said Hawley.

Hawley concluded by saying that he was grateful for the time and attention that each newspaper gave to studying his Plan before endorsing him, and that he hopes that those who marched for justice and fairness in April will vote for him and his Plan on Tuesday the 7th of November. “No one is tied to any party or candidate and this election is the opportunity for the Latino voters to demonstrate their independence and their strength.”