“Julian Castro Abandoned”


Former Obama cabinet member and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro “suspended” his Presidential campaign with a whimper.
The reason: The Democratic Party supported Black Barack Obama but it didn’t lift a finger this year to support Black U.S. Senators Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. It won’t support a Hispanic for the foreseeable future: Julian Castro’s abortive campaign is proof.
It wasn’t until President Jimmy Carter named New Mexico Hispanic lawyer Edward Hidalgo Secretary of the Navy in 1977 that any Hispanic was appointed to a sub-cabinet level by any Democrat President. Los Angeles Hispanic Democrat Ed Roybal was the first Hispanic to win a 20th Century election to congress in California — in 1954.
Unlike Democrats, in recent years Republicans have elected Hispanic governors Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Brian Sandoval of Nevada four times. Previously, Florida elected former Republican Bob Martinez, the son of Spanish immigrants, Governor thirty years ago. Florida elected Hispanic Marco Rubio to the Senate in 2010; he parlayed that into a Presidential race, albeit it failed. He will be back.
Democrats relegate Hispanics into wastelands like Insurance Commissioner or Lt. Governor, if they support any Hispanic for office.
Julian Castro is the perfect Democrat Democrats encouraged to run for President then abandoned. This is not new.
Example: eighteen years ago, the California Democratic Party begged San Diego Party stalwart Sarah Lowery, 76, my mother, to run against a Republican incumbent legislator who had won two previous elections by two-to-one majorities with my support.
She had never run except to win election ten times to the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. She had founded Democratic Clubs, led voter registration drives, chaired annual Party fundraisers, and, had chaired three Democratic Presidential campaigns in the second strongest Republican County in California.
She was a true believer Kennedy-following-throwback in the era of Roe v. Wade legal abortion, same sex marriage and LGBTQ – issues she eschewed.
Born in San Diego, she was raised in Mexico. She had eight years of schooling. Returning to San Diego at 17 with a two year old son, she didn’t speak any English and had never had a job. She married a police officer and had three sons with him. She developed photography skills that kept her employed. She shifted to restaurants and worked her way up from hostess to restaurant management.. With Catholic John Kennedy’s 1960 campaign she entered politics and didn’t hesitate to take her young sons to campaign events.
In 2002, No Democrat candidate was found to run for the State legislature against a Republican incumbent. It had been years since a Democrat won the 77th District. He often voted Republican in the legislature wary as he was of Republicans.
The Democratic State and San Diego County Party Chairmen wooed her during the semi-annual state Party meeting with an expensive dinner and premium Napa Valley wine.

They begged her to run for the 77th. “We are with you all the way. Every Democrat incumbent in the legislature will contribute to your campaign. The Governor will campaign for you. The County Committee will pay your $900 filing fee. Please run. It’s time for a Hispanic woman to run,” then: “The Governor” will head up a five-hundred-dollar-a-plate fundraiser for you. Please run.”
Against the advice of her four Republican sons, she ran.
Other than the Party-paid $900 filing fee, no money came in. The governor wouldn’t return her phone calls. The County Democratic Party pleaded poverty. The County Chairman didn’t attend a $17.76 ice cream social fundraiser. The County Party wouldn’t recommend anyone for a job posting campaign signs. A personal fundraising letter sent to over 65 Democrat incumbent state legislators with millions of campaign dollars didn’t raise ten cents. One incumbent sent his business card. Though a union activist, no union including her own contributed to her campaign.
Of the eleven San Diego County Indian casinos her son had helped in the 2000 campaign to legalize statewide Indian Gaming, one contributed $3000.
The son put together $3000 of television spots. It was a three-day TV campaign. She wanted to sell some of her stocks and bonds for campaign money but sons prevailed; she didn’t sell. Like the three previous Democrat candidates, she received one third of the vote.
Imagine how she felt. Julian Castro now knows what Sarah felt like the day after election day in November 2002. Castro had experienced the exact same treatment from the National Demcoratic Party as Sarah Lowery did from the California Democratic Party. Abandonment.
Julian who?