“Liz Cheney Lives in Trump’s Head”


Now, let’s talk about a real Republican, one I support — Congresswoman Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming. In fact, she is the only Representative because Wyoming doesn’t have enough people to be represented by more than one member in the House of Representatives.
For comparison, my county – San Diego — has five representatives in Washington, D.C.
Informed people know that she is in huge political trouble when Wyoming has its primary. It appears she will lose the Republican nomination despite her 93% voting support for the Trump Administration.
Though she didn’t vote to impeach in the first impeachment of Donald Trump she did vote for impeachment the second time he was impeached. We should note that no other President in history has been impeached twice — Donald Trump is the only one.
Trump ignited a campaign of hate against her that the country has never seen the equal of. After all, she was a member of the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives. A GOP Leader destined to someday be Speaker of the House, maybe.
Her vote to impeach Trump unleashed the “Krakens” against her especially when she countered the stupid calls about the election being rigged and that it was stolen from Trump. Fact: Trump suffered the worst presidential defeat in history against lightweight Joe Biden.
Her impeachment vote turned loose the jackals and hyenas with the Republican Party on her, a member of Republican “royalty.”
Then came her appointment as Vice-chair of the January 6 Select House Committee set up to investigate the January 6 2021 riot/insurrection aimed at the United States Capitol.
Credit must be granted to the committee’s staff for doing an excellent job of digging up critical evidence that proves Donald Trump is responsible for the insurrection and actively encouraged it. But worse, he did nothing to stop it. He simply quit being President for a vital, profoundly vital, 187 minutes in which the country did not have a President.
The committee staff is great but the presentation of the most damning material from the staff has been presented brilliantly by Vice-Chair Cheney — on television, live television.
That has not gone unnoticed in Democratically- controlled California where I vote.
So far, through the middle of July, Californians have contributed $1.2 million dollars to her Wyoming campaign for reelection.
My contribution is not noteworthy because I have been contributing to Republicans since I started to vote in 1962. But lifelong Democrat Mardy Wasserman has been contributing $25-a-month since January to Cheney’s campaign because, she says “(my) message was that I don’t agree with her on anything…but respected her integrity above all… She’s sacrificing her own political career for the benefit of honesty and justice in this country.”
1100 Californians have donated the $1.2 million. That is ten percent of her entire campaign fundraising so far.
While the Trump-dominated Republican National Committee censured Cheney for voting to impeach Trump for the January 6 insurrection and fanatical House Republicans kicked her out of the House leadership team, I support her and have sent my donation.
I suggest those of you who believe in the Constitution and/or believe Trump must be exposed, go to the Cheney website — Cheney for Wyoming — and send a contribution of $5, $25 or more to help her stand up for the Constitution and truth.
As you send her a contribution, remember our friend Ronald Reagan. He managed to get support from many independents and Democrats in his smashing elections in 1980 and 1984. We can expect that Ms Cheney will do the same in Wyoming despite Donald Trump’s vicious campaign.
We can only hope.