Mexican Americans Stop “Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders”


Finally, Hispanic Americans, predominantly those of the Mexican American persuasion, are truly important to the political future of the United States. Their impact on the current run for the Presidency was felt on Super Tuesday like never before; specifically the support of Mexican Americans for Senator Bernie Sanders in California and for Joe Biden in Texas. Mexican Americans are no longer a political “sleeping giant,” they are for real, they are “awake.”
“Hispanic” voters in the U.S. are not defined by Puerto Rican voters in New York, or their neighbors, New York Dominicans or, Union City, New Jersey, Cubans, they are predominately of Mexican-origin with an exception of Cubans in South Florida. 65 percent of all Hispanics in the U.S. are of Mexican origin and are concentrated politically now in giant electoral California and Texas. They also are growing rapidly in Arizona, Colorado and presently dominate New Mexico.
On Super Tuesday all eyes were on California and Texas and how many would vote for “Democratic Socialist” Senator Bernie Sanders from an otherwise three-electoral-vote state, Vermont, or for another former Senator and Obama Vice-President, perceived moderate Joe Biden, from another three-electoral-vote state, Delaware.
The choice for the Democratic Presidential nomination was unclear earlier when the race was jammed with candidates who never had a chance of appealing to the huge Mexican American bloc of voters in California and Texas.
With 1900-plus delegate votes needed to win nomination, California and Texas have a disproportionate effect on victory as over a third of the delegate votes needed to win were on California and Texas ballots – over a third.
Essentially, then, California and Texas, in that order, will power the Presidential nomination — on paper. What actually happened is that Mexican American voters in California appear to have voted in greater numbers for Bernie Sanders than for Joe Biden. The reverse is true in Texas where it appears the Mexican American voters preferred Joe Biden. Sanders will probably wind up with a slim delegate win in California thanks to the Mexican American and Biden will dominate Texas delegates thanks to the Mexican American vote. Regardless of who is nominated, Biden or Sanders, Catholic or Jew, Democratic Socialist or moderate Democrat, the nominee will owe his nomination to Mexican Americans. The conventional wisdom is that Black Democrat voters in South Carolina pulled the rug out from under Sanders and saved Biden from his third failure in Presidential runs. That is true on the margin. What really saved Biden is the favor of Mexican Americans who delivered Texas, surprisingly, to Biden and to enough Mexican Americans in California that kept Sanders from a runaway victory in the Golden State.
Super Tuesday also flexes the political power of the two largest states, Texas and California. In the future, Democrats in California and Texas will name Presidential nominees, not South Carolina, Iowa or New Hampshire. Also in the future, Democratic Blacks will have less influence on the nomination than this year when Blacks saved Joe Biden’s campaign in South Carolina. The Black population is “stable,” not growing. Moreover, cities with Black populations are shrinking, not growin On the other hand, the Mexican American populations in California and Texas are growing. In California three state-wide elected constitutional officers are Mexican American. The national Mexican American median age is 28 while the Black median age is 34. California will undoubtedly elect its second Mexican American governor, the first since 1865 in six or ten years and TexMex voters will dominate the Texas Democratic Party and ring up more Mexican American victories at the state level in the next decade than in all Texas history up to now. It might take 20-30 or 40 years but Texas will be blue. The only force that will stand in the way of a blue Texas, may be George P. Bush, grandson of President George H.W. Bush, nephew of President George W. Bush and son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife.
Like the Mexican Americans that voted for Joe Biden in Texas, George P. is a Mexican American, he, like they, is a moderate, he is a political winner who won his first election as Land Commissioner and will probably be the first ever Mexican American governor of Texas.
The difference between this Bush and Joe Biden is Bush is a Republican and has the ability to keep Mexican voters from pursuing “socialism” that “Sanders-Ocasio Cortez-Warren” Democrats are trying so hard to impose on the United States.
Watching “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders huff and puff about the half-century-old Castro dictatorship in Cuba and the “good” it did for the Cuban people or his financial Black Holes of “Medicare for all,” “free” college,” or his fight against a dictatorship by “billionaires” — moderate and/or conservative Mexican Americans must, like those in Texas, strike out for freedom, free enterprise and reject a “1984-like” peacenik Democratic Party Bernie Sanders is trying to install as a “Democratic Socialist America.”