“Mexican Women Stagger Machismo”


Mexico is a 100% “macho” country, socially, economically and politically.
At least it was until Sunday, June 6, when millions of Mexican voters showed up at thousands of “casillas” – polling places including a huge one in the entrance park to my gated community, San Antonio del Mar, an enclave between Tijuana and Rosarito Beach.
When the votes were counted, a woman — Aventaja Montserrat Caballero — won the mayor’s race in 2-million population Tijuana with 47.5% of the vote; another woman — Norma Bustamante — won the mayor’s race in one million population Baja California state capital, Mexicali, with 41% of the vote and, another woman — Araceli Brown — won the mayor’s race in an American collegian Spring Break favorite, Rosarito Beach, with 35% of the vote. They defeated up to a dozen candidates in each of their races.
All three were candidates of President Lopez Obrador’s Morena political party.
So, too, was Marina del Pilar, Morena’s candidate for Baja California governor. She won the governorship with 48.3% of the vote defeating former Tijuana mayor Jorge Hank Rhon (30.5%) and six other candidates. He is the privileged son of deceased ultra-politician Carlos Hank Gonzales who accumulated billions of dollars while Mayor of Mexico City and governor of Mexico City’s surrounding Mexico State.
It should be noted that when Jorge Hank Rhon was managing leftover horse and dog racing in Tijuana after a suspect fire destroyed the world famous Caliente Race Track and before casino gambling was allowed in Mexico, paid employees of Hank Rhon assassinated a crusading Tijuana newspaper editor publisher who accused Hank of criminal activities in the infamous Felix Arellano Tijuana drug Cartel.
At least one assassin, a security guard at the race track was killed in a shootout with Tijuana police and others were captured and imprisoned. Though all were employees of Hank Rohn, he was not charged with, as Mexicans say, being the “intellectual author” of the assassination. Despite the allegations, Hank ran for and won Tijuana’s mayor’s office under the PRI, the former Mexican ruling party, perhaps the most corrupt political organization the world has ever seen. Hank Rohn fit in with the PRI of the day.
This time he ran under a different banner (PES) and spent millions of pesos to run for governor. Ms Marina del Pilar ended Hank’s political career this Sunday, June 6. Baja California is better off.
Nationally, approximately 50% of Mexico’s 90 or so million voters turned out to vote for 15 governors and the entire Chamber of Deputies (congress).
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador welcomed good news in a potential victory of ten of his Morena Party candidates winning governor offices (including Baja California for a full 5 year term); on the other hand, however, his party appears to have lost seats in the Chamber of Deputies and though with coalition minor party allies he still commands a majority, he will not have a two/thirds supermajority which he could use to dump the Constitution of 1917 and install a “new modern” one that would allow him to wield dictatorial powers like his idol, the founder of the old ruling party, the PRI, former teacher Plutarco Elias Calles, whom my great-grandmother, a Mexico revolution heroine of Mexico, labeled a “communist thug and murderer.”
The second bad news for President Lopez Obrador is that he and his party – Morena – were practically extinguished in Mexico City (Ciudad Mexico) where Morena triumphed in 2018’s election in 11 of 18 boroughs.
This time, Morena was thrown out of office in 11 boroughs.
Here, courtesy of Mexico News Daily, is the new map of Mexico City’s 18 boroughs.
All in all,women made gigantic strides in the election, especially in San Diego’s next door neighbor and commercial partner Tijuana and the state of Baja California.
The new Mayor of Tijuana and new Governor of Baja automatically join Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum in the race to replace President Lopez Obrador. He is prevented by the Constitution he can no longer change — from running for reelection ever. He is limited to a single 6-year term that ends in 2024.
Will Mexico beat the U.S. to elect a woman President? The answer is probably yes. So much for “macho” Mexico.