<!--:es-->Mi Escuelita reconoce a la Mejor Maestra del Año!<!--:-->

Mi Escuelita reconoce a la Mejor Maestra del Año!

Mi Escuelita is a preschool program that started in 1978 for Dallas at-risk children designed to teach them English before they enter kindergarten. A brilliant legacy of love that follows the vision of its founder Mrs. Strickland endures with time nurturing minds and opening the doors to a brighter future to many children of diverse ethnicities with language barriers. Recently at their annual dinner which was hosted at the Dallas Hyatt Regency representatives of the noble institution recognized the best teacher of the year, several were named but only one received the greatest honor of the teacher of the year” Josefa Ibarra “a Hispanic young woman with lofty ideals and a great love for children approached the podium as she received her most deserving recognition.

Dr Michael Hinojosa, the General Superintendent of DISD was the keynote speaker at Mi Escuelita Preschool, Inc. April 20, 2006 Annual Dinner, her expanded on the great qualities that make a teacher of the year and recollected the powerful impression few educators had in his life and shaped his destiny. We never realize the impact we have on children he said, it all begins with someone believing that you can achieve if you are given the opportunity.

Congratulations Josefa for a well deserved award! Each year, hundreds of children enter the doors of Mi Escuelita ready to learn and discover the joy of reading and language. These children face incredible challenges and at Mi Escuelita and the teachers provide them with the skills they will need to succeed in the future.

Mi Escuelita is a delegate agency with Head Start of Greater Dallas. It is affiliated with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Child Care Group and Educational First Steps, and is a nationally accredited program by NAEYC.