“Mission Impossible, Trump solving the Refugee Problem”

Mission Impossible

Why doesn’t the Trump Administration open up offices in Honduras and El Salvador to handle applications for refugee status? Why can’t his people do anything about the problem of “caravans?

I don’t think he really wants to stop the caravans. I think he wants the photo ops so he can thrash imaginary bogey men, and defenseless women and children. His “BASE” is frothing at the mouth about the “criminals” and Middle Easterners that have “infiltrated” the ranks of the caravan that the President claims without a scintilla of proof.
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to staff offices in Honduras than to try and stop the caravan when it hits the Rio Grande?

And I am tired of calling these people “illegal aliens” because they aren’t illegal aliens. They aren’t “illegal aliens” until they cross the border and sneak by United States officer. These people voluntarily surrender to U.S. officers because they have to, to make applications for status.

Someone needs to remind the administration that the laws passed by congress are clear as to how to handle the situation whether Trump knows it or not. But, as long as he listens to Stephen Miller, his empty headed sycophantic racist jerk in the Whitehouse, President Trump cannot settle the problem of “caravans.”

They will keep coming. They will keep surrendering to U.S. officers in Texas or California who have no clue as to how to handle women and children. They are as in the dark about solving the problem as is the White House staff and the President.
Americans just might take the problem into their hands when they vote for Congress on November 6.

Trump should announce the sending of 100 officers to Honduras and Guatemals to take refugee applications there, not here. And he should consider offering troops to the leaders of these countries to handle the gang and crime problem. PFC’s are a lot cheaper than young American men and women with Master’s degrees interviewing applicants for refugee and asylum applications.

If the White House wasn’t polluted by people like Stephen Miller, someone might be able to settle the situation and bring law and order to the White House, and the border.