Molina High School students host career day for Bethune Elementary students

Students at Moisés E. Molina High School organized and hosted a career day for about 100 students at Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School. Their purpose was to encourage the elementary school students to begin thinking about the types of careers they may be interested in pursuing and what types of classes they will need to take to reach their career goals once they get to middle and high school.
The Molina High School students guided the elementary students through presentations in which they learned about the career pathways offered at Molina, the skills and education required for those careers, and the yearly income that could be earned through the careers. Molina High School’s courses include computer animation, business information management and multimedia, culinary arts, child development, and professional communications. The high school students also walked the elementary students through hands-on activities, such as cooking demonstrations and creating computer graphics and presentations.