“Mr. Trump: No Immigrants, the U.S. Withers and Dies”


Donald Trump detests immigration into the United States especially from “S—hole” countries south of the Rio Grande, east of Jerusalem and south of Tripoli. Add in religion – Islam – and Trump would stop all but Norwegians from coming.
We now have numbers of what the U.S. will look like in 40 years if Trump succeeds in stopping all immigration. And, because we just hit an all-time low fertility rate for American women, we can predict that if he succeeds the U.S. will have fewer people in 2060 than it does today. Additionally, the percentage of American white people would be even less than today.
If Trump wipes out immigration, the U.S. will experience the same negative population growth of immigrant-less Japan (1.4 babies per), Russia and almost every single European Union country(1.6 babies per); Canada too (1.5 babies per).
The American population can only be maintained with a birth rate of 2.1 babies per fertile age woman. With a new record low of 1.73 babies per fertile woman, the U.S. cannot grow without immigration. It can only shrink.
If, for example, Trump manages to shut down immigration now and forever, the U.S population will peak in fifteen years, 2035, at slightly more than we have now, 332 million and shrink to less than we have now in 2060 — 320 million people of which only 4.6% would be foreign born, a record low. It is logical to extend the loss further using the same Census Bureau formulas.
The European Union might become a new northern crescent of majority Islamic nations with small white minorities of aging Protestants and Catholics that Muslims will refuse to subsidize; Europe could very well resemble what it was during the Middle Ages. Great Britain, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Germany will be run by native born Muslims like today’s London whose families came from Africa, Pakistan, India and Syria. They will resemble today’s Albania.
Canada might survive if it annexes itself to the United States by negotiating a deal with the U.S. and Mexico that goes beyond trade and defense.
If Mexico can disassemble the drug cartels and end political corruption it has refined after 300 years of Spanish corruption, it will continue to economically grow from its present 11th largest economy in the world to number five or six in a dozen or so years.
Mexico’s minority problem is 30 percent of its 125 million people are Indians who prefer to live like they did centuries ago (See Mel Gibson’s superb movie “Apocalypto” and look up Chiapas Revolt, 1994).
Positive economic progress results from a growing population accompanied by productivity growth and better life expectancy. In fact, in all theories about 2060, the American median age will increase to over 40. Fewer workers come with better technology.
In a decade or so, trucks, taxis and city buses will be automated and driverless. Factories will need fewer and fewer workers.
It doesn’t take a genius to calculate that a birth rate of two per woman adds more economic activity into the system than 1.73 babies per, nor does that genius have problems with a highly technical and productive workforce that can produce more than the U.S. needs so there is ability to make widgets for the world market. China will be a formidable competitor in the future. But, their population problems are deeper than ours.
The Census report projects that if the current level of immigration continues, the 2060 U.S. population will be 404 million people. 21.6 percent of the population will be foreign born, the highest percentage in history. If the current level is halved, the 2060 population will be 376 million and the foreign born population would be less. If the current immigration rate is increased by 50 percent, the 2060 population will be 447 million people.
If all immigration is stopped from today forward the result will be a population that peaks at 332 million in 2035 and then it will decline to 320 million in 2060 and continue downward after that until we would resemble Japan, Russia and Europe, countries with empty houses, abandoned factories, fewer schools, colleges and workers; add in smaller and/or non-existent tax bases. The lowest ever foreign born percentage of 4.6% would be recorded. If Mr. Trump would tell us which immigration option he favors for long term America, it would be helpful in deciding how to vote in November.
Mr. Trump tells his adoring crowds that he will bring coal back; that he will bring empty factories back full of employees. He might show us towns that voted for Trump in the American Midwest and the Rust Belt that thrived a generation ago that are as empty as their abandoned factories, homes and schools. He might also explain why Southern California freeway underpasses are clogged with tents of the homeless while millions of houses sit vacant and falling apart in Detroit, Ohio, West Virginia, et al.
Mr. Trump give us your definitive view of your future America, please.